Sydney Bomb Girl


This whole thing sounds very suspicious to me

madeleine pulver

Here are all these experts running around, complete with sniffer dogs, presumably bomb sniffers, and for 10 hours they couldn’t work out it wasn’t real? The bomb was a fake? We have the military at their disposal they defuse improvised bombs all the time, after all, they are in Afghanistan. Our soldiers would have sorted it in 5 分鐘. As for Fido the sniffer dog. Did they totally ignore the fact that he/she had a stupid look on its face when no explosives were detected or did they have the dog there to take a good photo. As for the competency of these bomb experts, brings tears to my eyes. There are only so many ways to trigger a bomb, at the end of it are 2 wires that trigger a detonator. How hard is that? Forget the Bollywood stuffit really isn’t that hard. I wouldn’t trust the buggers with a zippo lighter. Here is their official version:

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