The Hitler Years

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讓事實正確, the Holocaust is the second biggest lie ever perpetrated by the Jews. The first biggest is the immaculate conception of Jesus and the whole world has swallowed these hook line and sinker. If they can get away with these two they can get away with anything. Hitler has been the most crucified person in history.

anne frank fraud

The so called literary classicThe Diary of Anne Frankhas proven to be a huge lie as well. There have been many holes in the story, the biggest being that it was written in part in Biro. The Biro wasn’t commercially available until after the war. Forensic tests proved it was done with a post war pen when the inks used allowed the pens commercial viability.

gruesome harvest

There is a tremendous book that was written after the war calledGruesome Harvest”.

On May 8, 1945 the shooting ended in Europe. But, shockingly, the war against Germany went on. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill had decreed that the German people must suffer—and suffer they did.

Driven from their homes, looted of their property, decimated by famine and disease, raped, robbed, and enslaved, millions of Germans—most of them women and children—bore the brunt of what Time magazine called “history’s most terrifying peace”.

Gruesome Harvest was one of the first books in America to sound the alarm against the victor’s postwar war against the Germans.

Bristling with contemporary documentation, burning with humanitarian and patriotic outrage, this informed, riveting classic dares to tell the shameful story of how American and Allied policy makers undertook the political, 經濟, and social destruction of the German people even as they presumed to instruct them in “justice” and “democracy.”

今日, as the propaganda war against the Germans wears on in the media and academic life, Gruesome Harvest, written in 1947 by a courageous American, when the decimation of the German race was still official U.S.-Allied policy, tells a vital story, one that must not be suppressed or forgotten.

“If war should come, whichever side may claim ultimate victory, nothing is more certain that victor and vanquished alike would glean a gruesome harvest of human misery and suffering.”–Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, 7月 31, 1939, to the House of Commons.

word nazi

"參觀完呢啲地方之後, 你可以很容易地理解, 在幾年內, 希特勒就如何擺脫圍繞他的仇恨, 而家作為最重要的人物之一, 邊個住過。
·約翰·. 甘乃地

12 你冇得到關於阿道夫·希特勒同 ns-德國的事情.

“1. 希特勒喺國際銀行卡特爾中掙脫.

希特勒擔任德國總理嘅時期開始, 德國人民冇做野, 沒有錢, 捱餓. 裝滿手推車 100 激馬克嘅紙當時買唔到條麵包, 好多德國人在無數的房屋和農場被罗斯柴尔德/洛克菲勒控制的銀行佔領之後, 都住棚屋裏.

係佢嘅 1967 書金錢的魔力, 希特勒的德國銀行總裁, 博士. 哈马尔·霍勒斯·格里利·沙赫特, 洩露大秘密:

"馬克的急劇貶值開始後不久, 德國銀行被" 私有化,"或交付畀私人投資者。

換句話說, 戰後惡性通貨膨脹的罪魁禍首不是德國政府, 而是德國私人擁有的中央銀行, 同距噶壟斷, 它有創造嘅錢. 德國的經濟被銀行家們摧毀... 噉係, 直到希特勒到達.

希特勒當選之後, 拒絕玩洛克菲勒-罗斯柴尔德規則, 他做的第一件事就係修復腐敗, 債務型金融體系. 通過徹底挫敗國際銀行卡特爾, ns 政府發行了自己的貨幣, 稱為 "帝國三月", 係無債務和無法控制的國際金融利益.


如果美國似希特勒對德國咁將佢哋嘅貨幣國有化, 佢哋將有效地切斷與國際銀行家的所有聯繫, 佢哋嘅政府同經濟嘅操縱將停止, 佢哋會生活無債務. 就好似希特勒為德國發行免債貨幣一樣, 亚伯拉罕·林肯在擔任總統時在美國建立了一個無息銀行系統, 他為此被謀殺了. 美國前總統安德鲁·杰克逊發行無息貨幣, 在一次暗殺企圖中朝佢只開了兩槍, 但槍聲誤射, 他活了下來. 約翰·. 甘乃地在總統任期內發行了無息貨幣, 我哋都知道他是如何實現他過早去世的.

德國公眾銀行系統安裝之後, 世界猶太人回應向德國宣戰, 包括全球抵制德國貨. 兩年內, 德國經濟蓬勃發展, 其新發現的穩定, and inflation-free currency.

  1. Hitler Created a Thriving Economy with No Unemployment
    After setting up a public banking system, Hitler began his reign by constructing new roads, bridges, dams, canals, port facilities, and much needed repair of public and private buildings.

Everything was done with public money that owed no interest to the International “Banksters”. As Hitler said, “For every Mark issued, we required the equivalent of a Mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.”

下, the NS government encouraged women to be homemakers, and all the work being done to repair and improve the country’s infrastructure and transportation created jobs for men. The unemployment problem had been solved within only two years, and Germany was back on its feet.

It’s often been claimed, that Hitler’s success in reviving his nation’s economy was based largely on government spending for rearmament. This is a myth. As the renowned British historian A. j. p. Taylor noted: “Germany’s economic recovery, which was complete by 1936, did not rest on rearmament; it was caused mainly by lavish expenditure on public works, particularly on motor roads, and this public spending stimulated private spending also, as [British economist John Maynard] Keynes had said it would. …while nearly everyone else in Europe expected a great war, Hitler was the one man who neither expected nor planned for it.”
– A. j. p. Taylor, From Sarajevo to Potsdam (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975), p. 140.

  1. Hitler Emphasized Respect for Women, Children and Strong Family Values.

During the economic hardship just before Hitler was elected, Germany was seeing a declining rate of birth. 在 1933, hitler passed a law that enabled married couples to obtain interest free loans minimum 1000 Reich Marks (equal to 9 months salary) to set up homes and start families.

For each child birthed, the couple was allowed to keep 250 marks and did not have to repay it. This system pioneered by the NS government exists today in Switzerland. In the eyes of National Socialists, women were viewed as the preservers of the tribe, the guardians of future generations, and the priestesses of domestic virtue.

Recognizing that families are the primary unit around which a functioning society is built, Hitler emphasized the principle of maintaining a strong bond among family members. Admired for his high regard for mother’s, families were inspired and strengthened under the leadership of Hitler.

Poor families were helped by using financial incentives, and family allowances, marriage loans and child subsidies were provided equally to each and every segment of society.

  1. Adolf Hitler Preservation of Environment and Animals.

Under the NS regime, mishandling an animal was considered a heinous crime, and if somebody was discovered mistreating an animal, they were sent to concentration camps. As someone with great admiration for animals, Hitler showed great concern for animals native to Germany, and passed laws that ensured their safety and well-being.

在 1934, Hitler passed a law called Das Reichsjagdgesetz (the Reich Hunting Law), which regulated how many animals could be killed per year, and to establish proper ‘hunting seasons’. This law has now been adopted by most western countries.
Animal conservation was included in Primary, Secondary and College levels, and in 1935, the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Protection Act) was passed. which placed several native species on a protection list including the wolf and Eurasian lynx. It is likely that this law saved some native forest-inhabiting species from going extinct.

The Nazi’s were also the first to create environmental protection laws in history. The German Imperial Conservation law of 1935 was passed, which protected “remaining portions of landscape in free nature whose preservation on account of rarity, beauty, distinctiveness or on account of scientific, 民族, forest, or hunting significance lies in the general interest.”

[係] useful to know the laws of nature – for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven.”
– Adolf Hitler

  1. Hitler Banned Experimentation on Animals (Vivisection)

Hitler-Germany was the first country in the world to ban vivisection, or any experimentation on live animals. With its great concern for animal conservation, and human treatment, a complete ban of vivisection was enacted in April 1933.

The Prime Minister of Prussia Hermann Goring has said:

“An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself…. I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.”

  1. Hitler Funded Research into “Free Energy” Technologies.

Hitler was well aware that in order to truly escape the stronghold of economic manipulation by the international banking cartel he would need to find a way to eliminate Germany’s dependence on oil. An inexhaustible source of energy that was not monopolized by the private money cartels was required for true sovereignty, and this is what Hitler sought.

This pursuit led Germany to develop what has been called The Nazi Bell, which is described by author Joseph P. Farrell as “a hyper-dimensional physics device being researched under the auspices of the SS departments Entwicklungstelle-IV, Forschung, Entwicklung, und Patente, and SS General Hans Kammler’s super-secret weapons black projects think-tank, the Kammlerstab.“

According to Farrell, “the mission brief of the Entwicklungstelle IV was to develop free energy and to make Germany independent of foreign oil.”
The Nazi Bell was designed, in Farrell’s estimation, for a threefold purpose:
Energy Independence
Advanced Propulsion Technology
A Weapon of Tremendous Power
In his book Babylon’s Banksters, Joseph P. Farrell points to evidence that after the War, the United States made every effort to reconstruct the personnel team that worked on the Nazi Bell, so that they could develop the technology for themselves and restore the balance of power between “Nazi International” and “Anglo-American” elite factions.

  1. German Workers Were Well-Treated.

With the goal of enhancing the standard of living for all German citizens equally, Adolph Hitler stimulated the spirit of integrity, comradeship and happiness, by funding numerous worker’s welfare programs including:
Highly Subsidized International vacation trips.
134,000 theater and concert events for 32 million people (之間 1933-1938). 2 million people went on cruises, 和 11 million went on theater trips.
Every citizen was given a radio.
A 5 day work week for all citizens.
Free Public Health.
Hitler’s government banned Trade Unions, and it was mandatory that all workers had to join the German labor Front trade union. Strikes were banned, and people who refused to work were imprisoned.
Every large factory had to provide rest areas, cafeterias, dressing rooms, even playing fields and swimming pools for its workers.

  1. Organized Industrial Production & Farming.

As opposed to the current American economy, where production is driven by the pursuit of maximum profit, Hitler initiated a policy of self-sufficiency, where the goal was to produce only what is required by Germans. The goal of the Nazi government was to produce for its country everything the German people needed without having to rely on imports to meet the needs of its citizens.

Along with the calculated production of material goods, new policies were introduced so that the aim of farming was to produce what German’s needed, not what was most profitable. The government subsidized the farmers for loss of profit and farmers were given guarantees that all of what was grown would be purchased.

  1. Hitler Eliminated Crime and Improved Health of Germans.

By giving social misfits and criminals jobs, Adolph Hitler was able to reduce the crime rate in Germany. 係佢嘅 1976 book The Twelve-Year Reich, author R. Grunberger stated that there were significant drops in the rates of murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement and petty larceny during the Hitler years.
Many foreigners were impressed by the improved outlook and health of Germans, including Sir Arnold Wilson, a British M.P. who visited Germany seven times after Hitler came to power.

“Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and is considerably inferior to that in Great Britain,” wrote Wilson. “Tuberculosis and other diseases have noticeably diminished. The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants. It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth. Even the poorest persons are better clothed than was formerly the case, and their cheerful faces testify to the psychological improvement that has been wrought within them.”

  1. No Citizen Will Starve or Freeze.

A prime philosophy of Germany at the time was that all citizens should share the same standard of living. With this in mind, Nazi Germany boasted one of the largest public welfare programs in history with the slogan “None shall starve nor freeze”. Every year, high-ranking Nazi’s and citizens would take to the streets to collect charity for the unfortunate, which generated a feeling of comradeship toward those in need.

They even went to the extent of publishing names of those who didn’t give charity in the paper as a punishment or reminder of their neglect. According to Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review,

“On one occasion, a civil servant was prosecuted for failure to donate, and his argument that it was voluntary was dismissed on the grounds it was an extreme view of liberty, to neglect all duties not actually prescribed by law, and therefore an abuse of liberty.”

  1. The Nazi Anti-Tobacco Mission.

Nazi doctors were the first to write a major scientific paper linking smoking to lung cancer. Following this report, smoking was banned in restaurants and public transportation systems. Advertising of smoking and cigarettes was severely regulated by the Nazis, and tobacco tax was raised to deter people from smoking. In what was one of the most expensive and effective anti-tobacco movements in history, numerous German health organizations began educating the public that risks of miscarriage were heightened when pregnant women engaged in smoking.

In the year 1940, while annual cigarette consumption per capita in America was over 3,000, in Germany it was only 749.
Hitler prohibited the sale of cigarettes to women.
Hitler prohibited smoking for people under the age of 18.
Hitler prohibited smoking for people in uniforms.
Hitler prohibited smoking in public areas.
Hitler was the first to place “warning” photos of cancerous lungs on cigarette boxes.

  1. Nazi’s Created a Culture that Cherished Music.

Recognizing the importance weaving music into the fabric of a country rich in culture, Hitler founded the State Music Institute in 1933 after he came into power. Its purpose was to promote the timeless work of composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Wagner, among others. The Nazis ensured that every German citizen had a radio.

Youngsters were encouraged by the Nazi government to pursue music as a career in order to preserve the rich ancient German cultural heritage. Jazz, Swing, and sexually provocative music were all banned in Germany during the Hitler era.

Do you understand now why the Jews with power, hated Hitler and the entire German people in Germany and declared war first, to destroy the system that the Jews with power, fear that more countries would copy to make their country strong and healthy and their people happy with freedom.

Do you understand now why the Jewish media want you to believe that Adolf Hitler was a monster, Zionist, jew, agent, Rothschild, liar, Freemasons, or whatever the Jewish media want you to Believe.

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