Rate this post Now lets get the facts right here Julia Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner, 第一个家伙蒂姆·马西森, have finally moved into their new digs at The Lodge in Canberra. Ms Gillard deposed her predecessor Kevin Rudd in June but refused to set up camp阅读更多 →

Rate this post The infamous “圣基尔达高中女生“, who’s name has been revealed to be Kim Duthie.     她看起来像一个正常的调整好年轻女子…. The 17-year-old St Kilda schoolgirl who claimed she had sex and had taken drugs with disgraced AFL manager Ricky Nixon now阅读更多 →

Rate this post Joel Monaghan and The Dog Picture. 一幅画节省了千言万语. 干得好伴侣, 你有什么代表一个球员真的是. 忘了旋…. 它是拿着照片堪培拉攻略队友? 现在在哪里RSPCA这一切? 那里阅读更多 →

5 (100%) 1 vote Racial discrimination at its absolute worst Racial Discrimination at its worst and in an incident shows exactly why Australians are now racist and highly upset. 我们在这个国家从左边一个极端分子, 费边主义者和社会主义者. The greatest Political football we have is阅读更多 →

Rate this post Nothing independant about this joker Andrew Wilke at all. 不过一块狗屎麻烦制造者. 他进入政坛为自己的议程造成太大的麻烦,因为他可以. 其中ratbags的给了吉拉德Juliar电源功率的缘故. Lets look at him阅读更多 →

Rate this post And I am supposed to be, 作为一名前突击队, 同情在澳大利亚大概还剩一些我们突击队的发疯正在受审, 不公正的,所以我们可以显示塔利班如何光明正大,诚实我们… Thought you might like to阅读更多 →