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“布兰迪斯要由马克思主义者的喜爱文化进步的民粹主义者. The standing ovation by Parliament for his weeping rant against Hanson wearing a Burka, tends to suggest he won the point. It also says reams about the sort of repugnant governments we have in power.

Quote of the week by Ralph WaltonQueensland

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Its all about 澳洲价值观 (点击这里)

What has the above got to do with the SSM plebiscite (点击这里)everything actually. The quote has everything to do with everything so don’t be fooled.

traditional marriage

The same people who are candy to our eyes can be poison to our hearts and minds. Study their ingredients before feeding them to your soul”. Another quote I got from somewhere.

Its a bit hard when a former High Court Judge Michael Kirby (点击这里) is a gay activist.

We also have high profile sports people throwing their weight around and others who speak their minds andrepeat and industry backs SSM (点击这里). Now we cannot forget about Starbucks (点击这里) and their heavy handed disgraceful antics. Now you can see the advantages of a huge website, everything is complete and records kept.

How many times have you seen advertisements with a picture of some poor starving kid somewhere and some charity begging for money. This very same charity is only there to feed itself on massive salaries and rorts. Very very little gets to the people. Some does yes, just so these very same people canjustifythemselves and run advertisements telling us how great they are and give more money. 你猜怎么了, I have seen all this in real life.

How often have you seenoh these poor Islamic women being treated this way”. The very second you take pity on any one of them you have put a noose around your own neck.

A plebiscite is really just an opinion pollnothing more, nothing less. The danger lies in the fact that the result will be treated as a referendum which is a “轮询” to tell the government exactly what it will do. The gay lobby groups will see to it that the plebiscite result will be treated as a referendum. This is all because the gutless Government is running scared of a few ratbags as per the opening quote.

What makes it worse comes from the Canadian and European experiences (点击这里) on exactly the same issue and the outcomes are horrendous. Gay marriage (点击这里) gas nothing to do with gays getting married. That is a fact of life. Yes the whole issue has been hosed down on previous referendums yet these lot keep pestering for another shot at what they want to achieve but format it in a different way. They are fully aware that another referendum would produce the same result.

Vote NO It really is important

Gay Marriage
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