2,900 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean in one day

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This is totally beyond a joke. Get the facts right as we did in Australia, these are anything but migrants and they are not Asians. Its a bigger invasion than Normandy and a lot more dangerous. The time has come for not rescuing them but sinking them. Oh yes the UN and EEU will complain but who the hell are they? Now does anyone believe that its not possible to have mass drownings? Whole countries are on the move now.

About 2,900 migrants heading to Europe, on Sunday were rescued in the Mediterranean, said the Italian Coast Guard. According to the Italian Coast Guard, 21 different rescue operations were completed, which both the Italian coast guard and ships from including Spain, Britain, Belgium and Ireland attended, during Sunday’s rescue operations. Practically all rescued from the Mediterranean are men in their 20s, and mainstream media’s bluff showing archive photos of women and children, is exactly that, a bluff. A hoax to trick us into feeling sympathy. The article photo shows migrants sitting on the deck of the Belgian navy vessel “Godetia” after they were picked up from a crowded boat. Start counting women and children. If these migrants are such an enrichment to our European culture, and needed for economic growth, as for example the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven wants us to believe, why are they fleeing their failed countries? If they couldn’t make improvements in their own countries, what on Earth would lead someone to think they would be assets in Europe? We have to dare ask these questions, because by bringing failed countries into Europe, what would be the outcome?

Well take a wild uneducated piss in my pocket and tell me a sad story answer to that one sunshine.

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