A Real Dilemma

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Factually this is quite correct. Both Hitler and Churchill are very right wing and both believe it or not were fighting for the very same ideal. Hitler was upset about the way Germany was treated after the war by the Jewish bankers and the allies who demanded incredible reparations which did not allow the peaceful rebuilding of the country. The people suffered badly and got right behind him.

Hitler saw a United Europe under one banner and went about achieving exactly that. The other European countries decided they didn’t like that at all. They all wanted their own autonomy. Britain decided they didn’t want that either so the world went to war to stop it.

Yes we know about Hitlers “final solution” but did you know this as a Facebook friend just pointed out:

Churchill was a health minister before he rose up.. and during that time he championed and brought into law the enforced sterilization of anyone deemed ”simpletons”.. it was one of Hitlers laws and Churchill thought it was a great idea.and it was carried out on thousands of men and women.. . and that law was only ended after the war, very quietly, so as not to be associated with nazi laws.

Roll forward 60 years or so. We now have a voluntary united Europe (EEU) and in a state of total disarray with war looming as a result.

Britain wants the leave the EEU and Brussels are demanding incredible reparations as a divorce fee.

Now the question is – who was right and who was wrong all those years ago.

Now the call is out to exterminate Islamic’s so what has really changed?

History will most certainly repeat but this time in Hitlers favor.

Who was right?

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