Africans Again

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A million-dollar beachfront property has been utterly trashed after an out-of-control party caused $150,000 of damage. Victoria Police were called to the four-bedroom home on three separate occasions on Saturday night as fights spilled out onto the street. And the gutless bastards did nothing because they didn’t want to be called names. Oh the poor bloody petals. Run off to your safe space gutless wonders.

The house in Altona, in Melbourne’s south-west, is rented out for about $500 a night.

It was rented for a party on Saturday night – but up to 80 youths described as African in appearance converged on the three-bedroom holiday home.

The rampage lasted most of the night, including brawls on the street.

Neighbours called police, but said officers only stayed for “a few minutes” each time.

“From my understanding they were heavily outnumbered,” local resident George told 9NEWS.

The owners of the property were too upset to speak to 9NEWS.

However, police are still investigating who hosted the party.

No doubt the Victorian Police will send the owner the bill for investigations.

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