Anarchists Cook Book

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Its supposed to be authoritative – I have my doubts

anarchists cookbook

I know that there are 5 different types of poison that can be injected into people and kill them instantly. The beauty of these is that they are not detectable with any autopsy. How they work is simple, they quickly break down into harmless substances. I know how to make 3 of them, and no I will not share this information. This isnt covered in the book so my guess it was written by a rank amateur that really doesnt know what they are doing. Seems to be a collection of bits on a lot of subjects available elsewhere and put into a book form.

There are in many instances far better ways of doing many of the things described in the book.

This website or its owners are not responsible for the use or any outcomes for your reading or using this information. It is provided for reference purposes only. There is supposed to be some kind of ban on this book however lots of research has failed to provide proof. It is freely available on the web from many sources

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