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In this video you will see everyday moderates and their actions – think about it

When you see this video, you will know exactly what you are fighting against. It is real footage in Afghanistan. To our western mind it is incomprehensible in totality. These barbaric types simply have no place on this planet yet we bend over backwards to help them. Australia has done its very best yet they still – well – I am lost for words for once. Watch the video if you can. Sickening.

The purpose of the video is to make sure you are somewhat annoyed at Islam and take sympathy on the woman. The truth of where sympathy lies is elsewhere. She doesn’t deserve any at all. One action on her part cost her. It was where a male cop tried to help her and she refused demanding a female cop. That act of stupidity is what killed her. These lot are so bloody Islamic and stupid.

This website has no sympathy for the woman at all


Now Consider this……

They want to take over and implement Sharia law…

Let that sink in…..

Just remember our little Aussie mate while you are deciding Julian Cadman – RIP Murdered Barcelona August 2017

Julian Cadman

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