Another Australian Soldier Dies

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Another Australian Soldier Dies in Afghanistan.

Another Australian Soldier Dies

Sadly this is what happens to soldiers and we all know that. Soldiers more so.

What gets up my nose is the Welsh Witch (Julia Gillard) sending the military broke, forcing them to wear second rate clothing, cutting back on hardware. To make matters worse the Military personnel are being booted out of Defence housing that the idiots from the United Nations whose arses Julia and her ratbag mates kisses had determined was substandard to house the refugees.

She leads the Government who under Whitlam started the Family Law Court to destroy the lives of the returning Vietnam Vets and continue to this day target the Military.

In simple terms, we dont want to hear from you at all you filthy bitch, your very presence in this great country is quite sickening.

Another Australian Soldier Dies

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