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As sad as it gets yet more pride than ever before. The Prime Minister and his drug dealing cohort made total fools of themselves. Keep politics out of ANZAC Day.

Anyone who has ever donned the uniform is totally aware of exactly who our Aboriginal friends really are and they serve alongside each other with total pride. No person in the armed forces holds any ill will against our Aboriginal friends. Its like in footy, we play alongside each other. Who is the most respected footy player of all? Jonathon Thurston, thats who.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "" Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who donned the khaki, fought harder for Australia than Australia was sometimes willing to fight for them. ANTHONY ALBANESE"

May be an image of 13 people, monument and text that says "<Facebook 23:06 Tue Apr Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek 100% 4 Recognising First Nations veterans, service personnel, and their families at the Coloured Diggers March in Redfern. Lest we forget. Tweet your reply 20+"

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