Australia Is Now 18% Islamic

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The goat shaggers will have you believe that Australia is 18% Islamic. These lot simply have zero ability to tell the truth at any time. We already knew they are thieving raping murderous scum of the earth bottom dwellers. And we must submit to them? Problem is a UK poll suggests that that British people actually believe the 18% figure.

Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer, Patron of the World Halal Council states, “The term (halal) belongs to Muslims only and governments have no right to regulate, interfere with or define halal in any way. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have to understand that the New World Order will only rise on Halal and Tayyib!”
Halal means permissible or lawful and tayyib means good, pleasant, agreeable, lawful. He made this statement in an article warning non-Muslims not to interfere with halal.
You might remember that the Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr Mustafa Ceric urged all Muslims to, “Conquer the world through the halal movement as ‘halal’ means pure and hygiene and the non-Muslim world has no hesitation to accept it”.
This is a common theme.
Halal certification schemes raise trillions of dollars for the Muslim ummah (community or body of Muslims worldwide). Global economic dominance is certainly a goal. Some politicians are now waking up and realising that halal certification, along with other Islamic issues, will be a hot topic in coming elections. Some are conducting polls. Others are promising to do something about it.
Make no mistake, they will face opposition as many Muslims will agree with the World Halal Council that non-Muslims must not interfere.
Despite increasing opposition, the push for halal marches on.
Not only does Australia have an excessive amount of halal certified food, we now have our very own festival and expo. In April 2015, Fairfield Showground in Sydney hosted the Halal Food Expo. It is interesting to visit their site and read their claims:
“According to the official statistics Australian Muslims are only 2% of the total population, however, according the UK based International polling company (Ipsos Mori) as at October 2014, Australian Muslims are now 18% of the total population which means out of over 23 million Australians, Muslims number over 4 million.”

So did they lie in the last census? Do the men take more than one wife and copulate copiously? Is that how many illegals have entered in the past few years? Or is it a gross exaggeration? This is quite a claim don’t you think?
If there is any truth in it maybe we should sit up now and take note! Perhaps the New World Order is almost here?
A new world order equals Shariah Law. End of equality, democracy, freedom.
If you can’t wait until April you could attend Hizb ut Tahrir Australia’s public event later this month. It is called “We will not abandon the Prophet.” It could be enlightening. This organisation makes no apology for wanting the caliphate here, the New World Islamic Order.

source: Pickering Post

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