Australia’s Welfare Bill

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From the outset there are legitimate Centrelink welfare cases, I really dont think anyone would argue or want to deprive those who are genuine cases, we are the lucky country but when you read the numbers its actually horrifying.

The author is retired, a type 2 diabetic and gets the benefits that go with it. That is all. Read on…


Australian taxpayers are shelling out $300,000 per minute to foot the nation’s welfare bill, according to a report. Welfare spending reportedly accounts for about a third of the federal government’s budget, and costs taxpayers about $430 million per day.

This equates to $6,260:80 for every man woman and child each year. Who the hell is getting all this money? And more importantly – why. This totals $156,950,000,000 – or $156 trillion per year if my math is correct. This is simply unsustainable. This does NOT include medical expenses as I understand matters. Paul Keating when he was treasurer did reveal that about now Australia could not sustain its aging population. He is right and the numbers verify that.

The total lifetime welfare bill for those receiving benefits has also been estimated at $2.1 trillion, The Herald Sun reports.

Students currently receiving government financial support to study are expected to need welfare for half their lives, costing taxpayers about $250,000.

However, two-thirds of people on welfare no longer received it within a year, the Department of Social Services (DSS) said.

“My job as Minister is to ensure taxpayer funds are spent on helping those who actually need it, and that we aren’t borrowing money to fund the welfare system of our time, as this just forces our children to pay it off through higher taxes in the future,” DSS Minister Christian Porter told the newspaper.

Earlier this year, the top suburbs and towns in Australia for dole bludgers who miss job interviews and don’t turn up to work-for-the-dole appointments was revealed.

Caboolture, north of Brisbane, topped the list, while Blacktown in Sydney’s west came in at number two.

The north-west Victorian town of Mildura has the highest rate of dole recipients in the state who consistently failed to attend appointments or job interviews in the past year, the data revealed.

Frankston, Deception Bay, Werribee, St Albans, Dubbo, Auburn and Dandenong rounded out the top ten.


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