Hits: 65Australians Criticized By Iranian Criminals An Iranian illegal – claiming to a be refugee, has criticized Auatralia and the Australian Navy for not doing our job better. While giving evidence at a coronial inquest, the man, who cannot be named, criticised the Australian navy for not detecting their vesselRead More →

Hits: 32Kym Reedy – Gossiper   The Fair Work Australia Commission last week ruled a “breach of trust” was a good enough reason to end a person’s employment after Global Cranes managing director Fred Vidaic fired Ms Reedy for texting his fiancée, claiming he had had sex with another woman.Read More →

Hits: 51Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell. This guy has got his head screwed on right as far as I am concerned – his thoughts on suicide.   Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says he never meant to upset anyone by writing a column suggesting New Zealand should takeRead More →

Hits: 44 Now lets get the facts right here Julia Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner, the first bloke Tim Mathieson, have finally moved into their new digs at The Lodge in Canberra. Ms Gillard deposed her predecessor Kevin Rudd in June but refused to set up camp inRead More →

Hits: 71The infamous “St Kilda School Girl“, who’s name has been revealed to be Kim Duthie.     She seems like a normal well adjusted young woman…. The 17-year-old St Kilda schoolgirl who claimed she had sex and had taken drugs with disgraced AFL manager Ricky Nixon now says itRead More →

Hits: 143Joel Monaghan and The Dog Picture. A picture saves a thousand words. Well done mate, you have typified what a footballer really is. Forget the spin…. And it was a Canberra Raiders team mate that took the photo? Now where is the RSPCA in all this? There is aRead More →

Hits: 49Michael, you have an ex commando going to war with you. We are elite, these so called experts are nothing but politically oriented wankers who try to get at us elite soldiers. I invite others to join the war, this is our job, look after the people of Australia.Read More →

Hits: 64Racial discrimination at its absolute worst Racial Discrimination at its worst and in an incident shows exactly why Australians are now racist and highly upset. We have in this country a lunatic fringe from the left, Fabians and socialists. The greatest Political football we have is these arseholes thatRead More →