Bail Granted – Unbelievable

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It is to be noted that this website does not blame the Magistrate at all. They are bound to comply with the written law. The problem lies elsewhere.

A MAN accused of trying to get on a domestic flight in Brisbane with a false boarding pass before threatening to bomb and run over the families of police has been freed on bail.

Atalah Gazy, who was born in Kuwait, but is a permanent Australian resident, can’t explain why he tried to board a Virgin flight to Perth on Wednesday night with a ticket in another name.

islamic terrorist

The 35-year-old appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday and his lawyer said he remembered “very little” of the incident because he was “very drunk”.

Australian Federal Police opposed bail, but a spokesman yesterday insisted it was not considered a national security matter, despite the bizarre circumstances.

Gazy, who has criminal history in Western Australia for the use of ­aliases, was arrested about 8.55pm on Wednesday at Brisbane Airport trying to board flight VA476 to Perth at the gate.

According to court documents, he became agitated and spat in the face of an AFP officer.

It is alleged that while in the police cells he issued a chilling threat.

“I’ll bomb your whole families … I’ll run them over,” he said, according to court documents.

Legal Aid lawyer Julie Pietzner-Hagan said Gazy claimed the boarding pass was in his brother’s name, but the court was told there was no reference to his brother in the AFP’s paperwork.

Magistrate Jacqui Payne asked why he was boarding the plane, and Ms Pietzner-Hagan replied that he remembered “very little of the time” as he was “very drunk”.

“He doesn’t remember why he was getting on a plane to Western Australia?,” Ms Payne said.

“That’s a concerning submission.”

The magistrate said his criminal history was not enough to keep him behind bars, and granted bail.

Gazy must report to police twice a week and not go within 100m of an airport.

He will reappear in court on September 22.


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