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Bali nine mule Scott Rush appears to be suffering a bit since his death sentence was commuted. The reports I am reading seem to indicate he is still suffering nightmares about being executed.

Scott Rush Bali Nine Mule
Scott Rush Bali Nine Mule



In a letter sent to The Age newspaper, Scott said he now feels he has found new purpose and can glimpse life outside the walls of Bali’s Kerobokan prison.



“I sat there in silence for a while. I don’t know how long but it was quite surreal,” the letter to the newspaper said.

“So many emotions welled up in me. It is a hard feeling to describe, a mixture of guilt, a sense of release and the realisation that I have a second chance.”

He said his determination to reform was strengthened.

“One dreadful burden has been lifted, a new responsibility has begun,” he wrote.

Rush said if he is ever released he wants to be an ambassador against drugs.

What a crock of shit. Pretty much every comment on the web about this usually runs along the line of you should have thought about this earlier. Damned right that’s true. The Indonesians are not that stupid, they advertise the repercussions very well, and if you are that stupid you didn’t know then you deserve the bullet. You young mate – and the likes of you, are purveyors of death and in my view deserve no consideration at all. As far as this new found purpose goes, that’s a lie as well. Trying to get public sympathy are you? Forget it pal.

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