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Forget ISIS, that is a convenient myth. Its Islam through and through. ISIS is a diversionary tactic to try and absolve all Islamic’s from the responsibility of their death cult. Oh the catch cry, it isn’t all Islamic s. Oh yes it is, every single one of them. Where does the problem really start and end? All very simple, The United Nations. Our Governments who are on this massive gravy train. Don’t blame the Police I hear you say. Well yes, they are accountable world wide as well. You know the story, if they (the individual cop) who knows they are doing wrong want to continue then yes they too become responsible. “Just fo;;owing orders” is not an excuse to absolve you of blame under ANY circumstances.

The Manchester bombings has created some rather interesting fallout. I read that the Manchester Police are asking people not to report on the case and identify the idiot responsible. To the Police you lot can go and get well and truly stuffed, publicly identifying the Islamic and his mates is our first duty. All the Police want is time to try and fabricate some story about whatever, some poor poor person that was radicalized and has emotional disorders a stunt they try and pull everywhere else.

The recent Manchester bombing where (at last reports) 22 people were murdered where all they were doing was enjoying life at a rock concert. The disgrace is that the perpetrator was well known to these so called authorities and they did jack shit to stop him. Yep, you heard right, they knew all about him.

Gladys Berejiklian activistWe had a very similar thing in Australia called the Lindt Cafe Siege where a radical terrorist called Man Monis who not only was well known but had been in and out of Courts on some very serious charges and through the help of Police and the Judiciary was allowed to get out and roam free at leisure. Monis ended up killing one hostage in the 16 hour siege and the Police killed another in the botched rescue attempt. When the atrocity happened, they were all ducking for cover making excuses of the worst kind that simply didn’t wash with anyone. Held responsible are a string of Judiciary, a Police Commissioner (Andrew Scipione) His inept deputy Commissioner Catherine Byrne later promoted to head of terrorist operations or something like that. There is one more to be held accountable, the then NSW Premier Mike Baird who at the time was the darling of the Chardonnay set and guess what, he showed his s true colors a few months later when he wanted to bring in 12,000 Islamic Syrian refugees. It gets worse, Baird resigned in disgrace and replaced by a female Gladys Berejiklian. So was she any better? The below meme tells the story. Yep her media advisor is married to a female Islamic activist (read terrorist). Yes in Australia we have had the experience in these matters.

Enough is quite enough. Please British people accept that in Australia our hearts go out to you on this tragedy and we out all faith in the British people to start sorting out their problems in much the same way we are here.

This is the official Islamic response to the tragedy:

“ISIS this morning claimed responsibility for the atrocity in a ranting statement that threatened further attacks on ‘worshipers of the Cross’.

‘With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the Crusaders in the British city of Manchester,’ the statement said.

It added that the massacre was ‘revenge for Allah’s religion… in response to their transgressions against the lands of the Muslims.

‘The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena.

‘What comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies.’

The final word goes to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and don’t trivialize this please.

sadiq khan

And if you want to read some total bullshit to help your dinner go down read this:

manchester bombing

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