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We are all aware that Sam Dastyari is a traitor first class (click here) – now here is the icing on the cake. Bill Shorten is complicit in all this. This is why Shorten has back pedaled and done nothing. The other big questions is why Brandis is doing nothing and why Turnbull is not on his case. Throw into that we have Julie Bishop and her antics and guess what we have got. The whole bloody lot of them up to their necks and been bought off.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has been dragged into the Sam Dastyari scandal with reports he also travelled to the home of billionaire donor Huang Xiangmo for discussions about donations to the Labor party.

Fairfax Media reports Mr Shorten visited Mr Huang in March 2016 after Labor officials were briefed about his potential links to the Chinese government.

Mr Shorten was not personally briefed about the concerns until later that year.

But Labor officials were warned in 2015 that Mr Huang was a person of interest to ASIO.

Mr Huang has been at the centre of a scandal about whether Senator Dastyari warned him he was potentially being monitored by security services.

Mr Shorten has not denied the visit but told Fairfax that senior government figures from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop and former PM Tony Abbott have also met with Mr Huang.

Mr Shorten’s office stressed his home visit did not compromise Australia’s national security and that Labor would ‘no longer accept donations from Mr Huang.’

‘It is unbelievable that Mr Turnbull still refuses to do the same.’

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph says Mr Huang’s former adviser, Tim Xu, has joined the Liberal campaign for John Alexander in the Bennelong by-election.

It has also been revealed there were four people present at the infamous meeting between Senator Dastyari and Mr Huang, and one of those has been helping Liberal John Alexander campaign in the upcoming Bennelong by-election.

Tim Xu worked for Mr Huang as an adviser and interpreter from March 2014 until a few months ago.

The Daily Telegraph has revealled Mr Xu was handing out how to vote cards in Eastwood alongside Mr Alexander at the weekend.


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