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Views: 62One of the most fascinating experiences you will ever have. Up close and personal with the pelicans. Located at a place called “The Entrance” about 80 minutes drive north from Sydney NSW Australia. A great tourist attraction. Its a daily event, taking place at about 3pm every day. DoesntRead More →

Views: 35Let us take a look at the person at the centre of all this. Her name is Naz Humphreys, a British national of Pakistani Origin… My understanding of all this is that the Hobbits in the book were in fact of caucasean background. Naz appears to think she isRead More →

Views: – the standard of reporting… In this story about Brad, Jennifer and Angelina… The picture is titled “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2004. (AAP)” Now anyone can make a mistake however these journo’s with their university degrees simply make way too many mistakes. Doesn’t anyone thereRead More →