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Posts regarding Australian Federal Politicians. This is regardless of affiliation or deeds (rarely) but mostly misdeeds. Most are rotten to the core having sold out their loyalties to the United Nations and all are feathering their own nests for when they get booted.

Views: 51EG Gough Whitlam Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is the father of the destruction of modern Australia, lets not get our facts wrong here. The current lot of labor are simply continuing the tradition started by EG Whitlam. Gough certainly knew how to twist the truth and something theyRead More →

Views: 73Remember, this one knifed Tony Abbot. Return the favor. This piece of filth, Lucy Wicks Liberal for Robertson lied through her teeth and capably assisted by that highly corrupt other piece of trash Bronwyn Bishop. I went to a rather totally uninteresting meeting at the Central Coast Leagues Club.Read More →

Views: 78Tony Abbott – Liberal Party – The mysoginist according to Julia Gillard – woman hater Tony Abbott – Liberal Party – The mysoginist according to Julia Gillard – woman hater. Well, that’s the way Tony Abbott was described in a now rather famous mysogony speech by Julia Gillard. Tony Abbott aRead More →

sarah hanson young

Views: 40Sarah Hanson-Young – (former) Leader of the Greens Sarah Hanson-Young says that Australians are all sick of the bickering between Abbott and Gillard over the boat people. No, we are all simply jack of you. As dumb as… Just for the record Sarah Hanson-Young, you are not an electedRead More →

Views: 53Teresa Gambaro Liberal? As Australia works to stem the flow of asylum seekers landing on its shores, the nation should be more supportive of other new arrivals, some of whom may be the victims of xenophobia. Comment: Correction Teresa, it has gone from 3 a year to one everyRead More →