Hits: 45Justice David Collier – Family Law Court of Australia. Justice David Collier – Family Court of Australia – it appears the corrupt prick is retiring or is he being pushed out. Either way he is a liar of the worst kind and has absolutely no right to stay aliveRead More →

Hits: 95On Justice Peter Garling.It is not often I express too much sympathy for Judges and the like but this is one case, highly traumatic for all concerned. The problem I see is that the parents should have been told straight not to be so bloody selfish. It concerns theRead More →

Hits: 58Chief Justice Diana Bryant – this woman is a total and absolute joke… Totally corrupt Here we have a little boy been abducted, no doubt the history of it all will show that concerns were raised about things. A little boy was abducted overseas and the father went toRead More →