Hits: 81In this video you will see everyday moderates and their actions – think about it When you see this video, you will know exactly what you are fighting against. It is real footage in Afghanistan. To our western mind it is incomprehensible in totality. These barbaric types simply haveRead More →

Hits: 95This Barcelona incident is simply another in the long list of Islamic bad behaviour. For the self righteous who say its an isolated incident and not all Islamic’s are like that I say to you bullshit. They are all like that, most simply haven’t shown their true colors yet.Read More →

Hits: 98RICE – I want all Muslims to know that the Australian Greens support them – She said ALL folks, that includes terrorists How The Apostles Died Read Greens Senator Janet Rice: Today around the world Muslims are coming under attack from all sides. They are being attacked and killedRead More →

Hits: 128 THE man accused of ramming a car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters in the United States was photographed that morning holding a shield with the emblem of a white supremacist group. He is a member of a radical ANTIFA group How The Apostles Died Read Vanguard AmericaRead More →

Hits: 64In one simple meme the whole case is now closed. Novamagic endorses giving Islamic.s their rights the same as Christians get in their countries. They run by the rule of an eye for an eye and we pride ourselves on equal rights, ask any gay who demands equality etcRead More →