Hits: 0The Family Law Court of Australia is as bad as these Islamics – Fact… They are working under United Nations orders – same as Governments are over these Islamics and deserve the same fate. British soldier murder, his name is Lee Rigby. The First Casualty of War is Innocence.Read More →

Hits: 45Truth in Pictures – its the way to view the world with satire and humor. A picture saves a thousand words they say. It takes some-ones imagination and often dry sense of humor to put the world in perspective. Some you will like and some you won’t, I dontRead More →

Koran burning day

Hits: 88Koran Burning Day September 11th. This pic was the backlash after one was burned. The international movement is to burn 2,998 of the books on September 11th at 5pm in the evening. Don’t think it matters where you are or what time zone, that is the date and time.Read More →

Hits: 86Halal Slaughter – see if you can watch the video all the way through – I couldn’t, it is horrific. We are supposed to be living in a civilized world. I dont think so. This is very graphic and one of the worst things I have ever seen.Read More →

Hits: 76Barbaric Islam – the true history of the world. Barbaric Islam – the true history of the world. It isn’t as you think it was. It wasn’t the Romans that destroyed Rome, nor was it the invading Germans. Guess who destroyed Egypt? There is a lot more. [pro-player type=’video’Read More →

Hits: 46Islamic Disgrace of the worst kind and its happening right here. Mourners were told they were “not welcome” by a cleric at a former policeman’s funeral because they were non-Muslims. This is in Sydney Australia right now. We pride ourselves on multiculturalism? No way. Firstly, all condolences to theRead More →

Hits: 57Mahmoud Eid – Islamic Radical from Punchbowl – has been in heaps of trouble before. This idiot has no place in Australia whatsoever and should be booted pronto. he and his radical mates are always spoiling for a fight and in time no doubt will get one. One theyRead More →