muslim gang rapes

Hits: 131Muslim gang rapes are a serious worldwide problem. The very high incidence. of this worldwide is very scary. Most of it it is covered up through political correctness and people being scared. Its bad enough being raped but add into that being raped by people who repulse you isRead More →

Hits: 68The real Sharia Law system is now available for your viewing pleasure. Please be advised this is as graphic as is possible to get. If you think this wont happen here it certainly can. It is the same lot that is slowly taking over our Country. What is belowRead More →

returning afghans home

Hits: 64On Returning Afghans Home On returning Afghans home, the Afghani Government is trying every stunt in the book to justify why we shouldn’t. After the latest spate of disgraceful conduct from these clowns – well reported attacks – who the hell actually cares about their problems. They are simplyRead More →

Hits: 69Islamic happiness is simple to understand, they all want to martyr themselves. How The Apostles Died Read Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Lets have a look at the evidence: – No Christmas – No television – No nude women –Read More →

afghan honour killings

Hits: 61Afghan Honour Killing in Canada In the Afghan honour killing case in Canada therein lies a truth. Why the hell are we letting these people in the country, and every reason why our troops should be pulled out now. They simply are not worth it. How The Apostles DiedRead More →

Hits: 57It had to happen, its out in the open now, and no going back. It was always said we dont want Islamics in this country, all the social do gooders and bleeding hearts have now really stuffed the country. How The Apostles Died Read The fact of the matterRead More →