Any web page that has any military connection to it. The military are the backbone of any country yet there is always that group of idiots trying to bring them down.. These groups are the usual spineless leftie types, the ones that are terrified of words. The very same ones that are pro same sex marriage etc and who want to let in all the riff raff into developed countries.

Views: 77Into the valley of death rode the 800… October 31st 1917 Australia’s finest military victory was the charge of the Light Brigade on Beersheba It was an attack that had to happen, either that or perish from no water. From that came 2 things. After centuries someone finally tookRead More →

Views: 70This website isn’t making this up at all. Please read on. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world and this country is in turmoil at every turn. There is the strong prospect of civil war or if you like, a revolution. Much the same thing IRead More →

Views: 49I have done lots of jumps but never seen anything like this ever. This guy is either plain stupid or has the biggest set of balls on anyone. I look at it often and still not sure if he should have ridden it out, In these situations it reallyRead More →

Views: 71There is a poll at the bottom of this web page, please vote. WASHINGTON — President Trump abruptly announced a ban on transgender people serving in the military on Wednesday, blindsiding his defense secretary and Republican congressional leaders with a snap decision that reversed a year-old policy reviled byRead More →

Views: 73The popularity of Novamagic has propelled it from the ten millionth to the seven hundred thousandths most popular website in the world in just six weeks. We Need your help – so I have set up the Facebook Novamagic Community to join. We need an army of volunteers doRead More →

new australian navy ships

Views: 49AN $89 billion program to build navy ships and submarines over 20 years, including a guarantee that future frigates will be built in Adelaide, will be announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott today.To be highly congratulated for this. AN $89 billion program to build navy ships and submarines overRead More →