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Hits: 136From the outset there are legitimate Centrelink welfare cases, I really dont think anyone would argue or want to deprive those who are genuine cases, we are the lucky country but when you read the numbers its actually horrifying. The author is retired, a type 2 diabetic and getsRead More →

Hits: 56See how many you can get right here [quiz-cat id=”7181″] You may also like Another Social Do Gooder Tosser Islamic Slaughters 30 Islamic’s Think This Islamic Thing Is Funny Do You – Watch This Sally-Anne McCormack – Clinical Psychologist Muslims Demand Pork Free Menus This is Simply FantasticRead More →

Hits: 89There has been some shall we say “discussion” on removing Vegemite from school canteen kids lunches. There seems to be a claim that it isn’t healthy or some such rubbish. It is in fact one of the healthiest foods around. OK – we are all not happy about theRead More →