Posts concerning Police generally – they are easy, they do such dumb and corrupt things. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good ones out there, its just that they are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of corrupt and rotten ones. Most of them are total nobodies and think because they go through Police school have 50 doctorate degrees. Most are ego maniacs and are easy to beat in Court because the first presumption you always make about Police is that they are lying. That usually is the case. Oh yes, they do get very offended when you prove it.

Views: 8 Queensland Police Service facing charges after dozens of officers injured using road spikes Ian Stewart, left, who visited Constable Peter McAulay, middle, was the police commissioner when the officer was injured in 2018. The Queensland Police Service has been charged with breaching workplace health and safety (WH&S) lawsRead More →

Views: 118A million-dollar beachfront property has been utterly trashed after an out-of-control party caused $150,000 of damage. Victoria Police were called to the four-bedroom home on three separate occasions on Saturday night as fights spilled out onto the street. And the gutless bastards did nothing because they didn’t want to beRead More →

Views: 86The “at least” $50,000 bill to deal with the leftist thugs at Milo Yiannopoulos gig in Melbourne. The most Communist Government we have in Daniel Andrews now encouraging the radical left wing to cause damage and the innocent victims to pay for it. Makes sense, just another attack on theRead More →

Views: 78Victoria Police’s Freedom of Information (FOI) office has refused to release documents relating to a crash involving Daniel Andrews, arguing it’s not in the public interest. This website holds that public disclosure so that we can all make an informed decision is the best policy. Right now the coveringRead More →

Views: 148The NSW Highway Patrol are without a doubt the most corrupt of any Police force in the world. A GD friend of mine advises that they are known internally as the gestapo. Another told me that very few volunteer for the Highway Patrol, most are sent there and theRead More →