Chief Justice Diana Bryant

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Chief Justice Diana Bryant – this woman is a total and absolute joke… Totally corrupt

chief justice diana bryant

Here we have a little boy been abducted, no doubt the history of it all will show that concerns were raised about things.


A little boy was abducted overseas and the father went to enormous effort to find him. No doubt on his return all that will happen is counseling and as usual, the psycho mother will get him back, just to do it all over again.

When are these bloody idiots realize that they are in fact the problem…

The answer is never… The following explains why.

Courier-Mail, Australia, by Matthew Fynes-Clinton, July 11, 2010

chief justice diana bryant
chief justice diana bryant

A CHILD custody trial was aborted when a Brisbane Family Court judge disqualified himself after being accused of holding secret talks with a case social worker.

The week-long trial – which involved an allegation of sexual abuse against a young girl – ended abruptly on April 28 following an application to Justice James Barry from the child’s representatives for him to stand aside on the grounds of “apprehended bias”.

Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant has summoned Justice Barry to a formal interview in Melbourne this week and alerted Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland to the issues.

Justice Bryant told The Courier-Mail that while she had no specific disciplinary powers, she would be spelling out to Justice Barry the “gravity of the situation for the Court and the serious inappropriateness of the conduct”.

“Whilst not entirely agreeing with all that was asserted . . . to have been said between him and the (social worker), (Justice Barry) accepted that he had inappropriately discussed the contents of the family report with the (social worker),” Justice Bryant said.viagra “The report was evidence in the proceedings.”

In my case, my son has clearly been taken out of the country, We know the Judge David Collier took a bribe to try and throw the case, he falsified court documents, destroyed evidence, along with the mothers lawyer, manufactured Military documents…. It gets worse…

It goes on..

Of course Diana knows about it, I made sure she did…

Do I have the evidence on it all? Of course I do….

In spite of every effort by a lot of people to try and destroy the evidence and go into total denial about it..

Seriously Big Cover Up on this one…

matthew stuart rich

My Son, Matthew Stuart Rich…

These Family Court Judges are as corrupt as and all need gaoling

As for Darcy Freeman – she was murdered by the Family Court – another big cover up…

And what is their catch cry – “the interests of the child”?

Its a money making machine, kids are bought and sold, sex lies and videotape. And I have the lot…

The problem they faced with trying this stunt on me was the fact that I am actually an ex army commando – not your usual male who becomes an alcoholic, cops their crap and begs and pleads to see his son. Had done nothing wrong at all at any stage, just a psycho Korean ex wife. A classic case of there was no grounds to try and take my son off me, so it all had to be manufactured. Yes, the Family Court was involved, in fact, quite instrumental in it. It does get worse. They tried to pick a fight with the Army and that was their undoing, so it just isnt me at all.

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