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Civil War Coming Soon In Europe

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Its all on. The Barcelona incident is the catalyst. Civil war for Europe is now certain and in Australia that has been predicted by many notably the highly respected Dick Smith.

CIVIL WAR IS COMING: Germany now joins France as citizens from both countries flood the streets in rage against illegal Islamic immigration

Germany is now joining France in the enormous build up to civil War as right-wing patriots takes hold as a result of the illegal Islamic crisis and the recent Terrorist attacks. Street fighting has now erupted in Germany with citizens clashing with police across several German cities.

civil war reports: In a build-up to what might end in a regular civil war, Germany now warns of a massive right-wing radicalization due to the ill;egal Islamic crisis – as street fighting and clashes erupt between left-wing and right-wing demonstrators in several German cities.

The migrant and refugee crisis has led to that right-wing patriots are mobilizing in Germany, warns the German security services BfV.

– What we see in connection with the refugee crisis is that right-wing patriots are mobilizing in the streets, but also that the radical left mobilize against them, says Hans-Georg Maassen, chief of Bundesamts für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), to German radio on Sunday.

The extreme groups show a greater willingness to use violence, he informs. This applies to both right-wing patriots, anti-racists (fascists) on the left, and Islamists.

On Saturday night, police and soldiers had to protect two buses with 100 illegal islamics and refugees.


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