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Clive Palmer and Palmer United – the Internet has spoken

– and it isn’t good at all, not a single bit of it.

What appears here is taken from around the internet about Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party and others associated with it. Facebook users and leading respectable mainstream media has hung them all out to dry. If they were thinking that they were going to take Australia by storm and make changes then I can only surmise that is precisely what will happen, however not in the way they thought. It appears to have galvanised decent Australians in their thinking and turning most decidedly right wing.

I will start by saying that I considered joining the Party as initially – and I suspect like many, they were going to prove to be the best right wing alternative. The truth as it appears and I quickly found out was quite the opposite. I can only say I am pleased that I figured out the Palmer United Party before many others did.

glen lazarus

Lets start with Glen Lazarus, he was probably the star attraction to start with and got the brand name up and running. He was a magnificent football player, heralded by many as the greatest prop of his day. I see no reason to disagree with that.

Lets have a look at a montage of memes and other things from around the internet about Clive Palmer of the Palmer United Party.

In case you didn’t know who Mr Creosote is check out your Monty Python history

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