Darcy Freeman – Arthur Freeman

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Yes, Peta, may you well think of Darcy every day for the rest of your life, and rue your own disgraceful behavior. As was reported, one of the very first things uttered by Arthur when he was arrested was “they tried to take my kids off me”. That is the truth of it, you and your entire family were in on it. There was no reason to do that at all, its nothing more than outright viciousness on your part, spousal revenge. As reported in “The Age”:

“Even the coldest of souls shuddered on January 29, 2009”

That was the truest words ever written by any reporter on the matter. You Peta, have as much blood on your hands as does Arthur. On January 29th 2009 a little girl went over the edge. Some undisclosed and indeterminate time before that Arthur went over the edge, and you pushed him by trying to take his kids off him. That fact is well reported, The excuse used on Arthur was spousal revenge.

People seem to forget their history very quickly. For the 3 days after the event the headlines screamed with how you and your family tried to convince the Family Court and Welfare people how dangerous Arthur was. The media had nothing else but your version of events and what you thought. About the fourth day, the Chief Justice (Diana Bryant) issued a statement denying that these concerns were ever raised and if they had been, action would be taken. It is in all this the truth lies, someone is lying through their teeth. Probably both of you. Is it any wonder Arthur was mad? And of course Kevin Rudd, not wasting a moment for a bit of media cover, agreed, yes we must have a Darcy Freeman day.

I am not trying to negate the horror of what happened in any way. Far from it. I will have to say I am quite battle hardened and can absorb a lot yet this whole incident really shook me. Clearly you are as culpable as Arthur, and from all evidence, the Family Court lies, covers up, destroys evidence and yes i do have that evidence, the same stunt was tried on me.

arthur freeman - darcy freeman
arthur freeman – darcy freeman

The way it was and should have stayed

Except for the malice and lies of a vindictive woman

And a Family Court who allows malicious female behaviour, not only allows it, encourages it, and is part of it.

And You Peta, used all that to advantage.

May you well rethink your actions.

peta barnes
peta barnes

Yes Peta, you killed Darcy too.

All in all, you dont get a shred of sympathy from me at all, You have proven to be a liar and zero credibility. You should be locked up beside Arthur.

Lets take a look at the trial. That was a cover up of incredible magnitude from the outset. None of the above facts were ever tendered or canvassed, even by the expert psychiatrists. Why not? Simple answer, it would blow the Family Court credibility out the window. Things would have to change, a recognition of a truth. A cover up. The politics of it all was more important than the truth.

The Prosecution got it right, “But according to the prosecution, the motive was simple: spousal revenge”

Sorry to say but thats exactly why Darcy died, revenge by Peta.

The Trial Judge had a serious problem as well. The Jury made it clear they could not reach a decision. That was very clear and well reported. They were unsure of it all. Interestingly, that is an option for the Jury, to return exactly that decision and it means a retrial, which should have happened. The Judge not to be put off by all this and trying to do his damndest to get a Guilty verdict, even when the Jury asked him what to do on a hung Jury scenario, told them to stay with it and reach a verdict. I cannot find any reports of the Jury being told that they can return a hung Jury result. This is a very clear case of Judicial Jury tampering.

At the end of the day, it really doesnt matter to Arthur one way or the other what the result was, his life is over, ruined forever. Doesnt matter if he never gets released from Gaol, locked up in a psychiatric ward for the rest of his life. He dropped his daughter over the edge. She is dead. He will never see his sons again. Never be able to take his place in society again. Arthur is locked in a very special prison, the one for which there is no key, the prison of the mind. There is no escape from that one.

Justice was perverted in all ways possible, the age of innocence is over.

I will put this in the context of a soldier, a gun never killed anyone at all. The person aiming and pulling the trigger kills. Arthur was the gun, Peta and the Family Court aimed and pulled the trigger.

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