Judge Rodney Madgwick appears to have something of an interesting history. From the outset I wont say he is a bad Judge, he has his own ideas on what it takes to look after the interests of Australia. I have mine on that regard and am just as influential inWeiterlesen →

Police will try and convince you that spikes are safe and harmless. When they throw the spikes out they are trying to kill you. Fact. The manufacturers always warn they are dangerous and can cause either serious injury or death. That’s a fact. Somehow the Police decide they are designedWeiterlesen →

Ein Update auf alle diese. Muppet Mann gab mir ein Muppet zu nennen, Snr Konst Brendan Gregory von der Gosford Highway Patrol, die das alles aus gestartet wurde gezeigt, dass ein bösartiger Lügner sein. Es wurde bewiesen über die Spitzen zweifeln, Verhaftung war eine böswillige Handlung seinerseits. TheWeiterlesen →