Police Road Spikes

Police will try and convince you that spikes are safe and harmless. When they throw the spikes out they are trying to kill you. Fact. The manufacturers always warn they are dangerous and can cause either serious injury or death. That’s a fact. Somehow the Police decide they are designed to bring your car to a safe and gentle stop by slowly deflating the tyre. Total garbage, they cause a high speed blowout same as having a 4 inch nail in the tyre. I was the victim of Police trying to kill me. They failed. Youtube is full of these videos from America.

Spike Verkehrspolizei




As you can see from these video’s the effect is immediate and instant blow out and anything but a slow controlled deflation and stop. You make up your own minds on this. Police lie through their teeth on pretty much everything trying to plead innocent. How many have they actually killed and covered up about? Lots probably.

This is to be read in conjunction with the incident https://novamagic.com/nsw-highway-patrol/.

I ended up trashing them in Court over it and am going for massive compensation.

It is stated in my claim the following:

Imagine the story if in this case I was killed. Heinous offender killed while trying to evade Police the headlines would scream. No doubt the spin machine would have been praising New South Wales (least) finest in doing an exemplary job keeping the public safe but tragically I died. It would have been added that these tragic consequences could have been avoided if only I had stopped when directed to do so. The truth would never have come out as there was a real attempt to hide the truth already.That part is totally correct.






I am going after these lot big time, the sorriest part of it for them is I survived.This is from a Court Transcript:

ACCUSED: When I was talking to David the lawyer who was representing me, he did actually speak very highly of you and I’ve got no reason to disagree with that view today.

HIS HONOUR: Thank you, sir.

ACCUSED: I’m a very honest person, sir, if I had a grief(?) with you I would say so. Es ist ziemlich klar, was Sie gelesen haben, dass ist mir egal, wer eine Person in dieser Welt ist, wenn ich mit ihnen eine Meinungsverschiedenheit habe ich sie lasse wissen, Politiker, der Chief Justice, Ist mir egal, Ich habe keine Angst von niemandem. Ich werde die Einreichung eines Rechtsbehelfs so ich, dass darüber in Kenntnis gesetzt, und es wird innerhalb getan werden 28 Tage. Soweit Strafen gehen, sir, Ich kann nicht über Ihre Fairness klagen, Wissen Sie, Sie haben sehr freundlich gewesen, es hätte sehr viel schwieriger gewesen, aber wie Sie sagen,, wir haben persönliche Ansichten bekam auf das, was ist und was nicht ist, nichts mehr, nothing less and I won’t be walking out of here writing up a web page badmouthing this Court. It’s probably a good thing.

PROSECUTOR: That’s the first time I’ve heard that, your Honour.

HIS HONOUR: Thank you, Mr Rich. Look, I appreciate the way in which you have conducted your case and yourself today, very much. Sir, you are free to leave the Court and the best of British to you in relation to what happens next.

ACCUSED: Well, I’ll just continue driving until I lodge the appeal, that’s okay?

HIS HONOUR: Absolutely.

ACCUSED: Thank you very much, sir, I brought the car along with me because I knew nothing would happen.

HIS HONOUR: Thanks, Mr Rich, I am just going to adjourn briefly.

I actually made a lot of friends with that statement, except the Highway Patrol that is. The Police tried to tender the web page I wrote https://novamagic.com/nsw-highway-patrol/ but the Magistrate threw it out. The best thing I ever did was speak highly of one of the Highway Patrol Police, irrefutable that I dont hold a grudge against every cop.

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