There has been a spate of terrorist attacks in Australia. Every one of them by Islamic’s. The Lefties and permanently offended always blab the same old story, not all Islamic’s are terrorists. Oh yes they are and take a wild guess who breeds them and where they get their ideas from. New Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the position very clear, its not a psychological illness but radicalization. Well done SCOMO for calling it as it really is. This website has had enough of the fools and idiots out there talking bullshit. The so called alternate right and neo Nazi’s are the only ones standing up to this sort of thing, the rest of you gutless wonders are assisting the terrorists and running scared of being labelled. Grow some balls.

federation square terrorists

Three men were found guilty of planning to conduct a terror attack in Melbourne’s CBD over the Christmas period in 2016, in a verdict handed down earlier this month, the ABC can reveal.

Abdullah Chaarani, 27, Ahmed Mohamed, 25, and Hamza Abbas, 23, face a possible sentence of life imprisonment for their roles in the plot.

The jury took just over six days to deliver their verdict on November 2, after a lengthy trial that heard the men had purchased machetes as well as metal pipes, light globes and batteries to make explosives, and had tried to obtain guns.

They had also conducted reconnaissance at Federation Square and in the surrounding area, where the prosecution alleged they wanted to carry out an attack in order to maximise casualties.

The men were unaware they were being followed and monitored by police.

A series of telephone messages, emails and texts between the men were intercepted by authorities. Some of them detailed support for the Islamic State group and discussed their perceived obligation to join jihad.

The guilty verdict was initially subject to a non-publication order after an application to keep it secret was made by the men’s defence lawyers.

Supreme Court Justice Christopher Beale denied that request, but suppressed the verdict to allow them time to appeal his decision in a higher court.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-14/guilty-verdicts-in-melbourne-christmas-terror-plot/10423772

graham ashton

Now here is a dead set hero, Michael Rogers, He is the trolley man who intervened and possibly saved lives and helped police in a crisis time.

An online fundraiser has raised more than $100,000 for a man who confronted the Bourke Street terrorist with a shopping trolley during Friday’s deadly attack.

Key points:

  • Trolley manMichael Rogers is believed to be homeless
  • The public has been warned to stand back when police deal with dangerous situations
  • A state funeral has been offered for slain restaurateur Sisto Malaspina

Michael Rogers drew widespread praise for pushing the trolley repeatedly at Hassan Khalif Shire Ali as the 30-year-old man attempted to stab police.

Shire Ali stabbed three men — fatally wounding Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar co-owner Sisto Malaspina — before he was shot in the chest by police and later died in hospital.

Tasmanian man Rod Patterson, who was stabbed in the head by Shire Ali, survived the attack and released a statement from the Alfred Hospital over the weekend where he said he was receivingfantastic care”.

The third man stabbed — a security guard employed by SECUREcorp — wasrecovering well”, according to a statement released by his employer.

The officer was hurt in the line of duty and has received medical care as well as support for himself and his family through our Employee Assistance Program,” the statement said.

He is recovering well and has requested that his personal details are not released and we respect his wishes.

Mr Rogers, who is believed to be homeless, said on the weekend he wasno heroand was simply trying to help when he thrust the trolley at Shire Ali.

He told Monday’s The Age newspaper he had served a five-year jail term for aggravated burglary in the past and had a long history of drug use.

He said the decision to intervene was made on thespur of the moment,” the newspaper reported.



This website extends its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Sisto Malaspina, killed by this murderous Somali Islamic. We have had some great imports into this country and this man and his family are clearly in this group RIP mate, you didn’t deserve it and thanks for your contribution to Australia.

As for the Somali’s and Sudanese, get the fuck out of our decent country and go back to the shit hole you came from, if you dont leave voluntarily eventually you will be kicked out or killed. We have had enough. Before anyone starts at me I have lived and worked in these countries, have you? No, I have no idea what I am talking about but you, as the armchair dictators know everything.

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