Independent MP Andrew Wilkie

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Nothing independant about this joker Andrew Wilke at all. Nothing but a piece of shit troublemaker. He entered politics for his own agenda to cause as much trouble as he can. One of the ratbags that gave Juliar Gillard power for powers sake.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie
Independent MP Andrew Wilkie

Lets look at him a bit more closely.

He was one of “many cadets caught up in the 1983 bastardisation scandal at Duntroon and like many cadets was disciplined for it at the time.

later graduated to become an officer in the army and later became a defence analyst who blew the whistle on the evidence used to justify Australia’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq.

Mr Wilkie, who holds the balance of power in the federal parliament, allegedly ordered junior cadets to stand to attention and salute on the 50th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany when he was at the Duntroon Military College in 1983, the Herald Sun reports.

Mr Wilkie said he could not remember the alleged Hitler salute incident but did tell ABC Radio he was a “bastard” while at the college.

In a statement yesterday Mr Wilkie said he had “no recollection” of the incident.

Clubs Australia, which is opposed to Mr Wilkie’s push for tough new measures to curb problem gambling on pokies, immediately distanced itself from the report. “Mr Wilkie two days ago accused the club and hotel industry of being behind a smear campaign,” the group said in a statement. “Given the acknowledgment by (News Ltd) reporter Andrew Rule that he is related to one of the victims of Mr Wilkie’s bastardisation, Clubs Australia calls on Andrew Wilkie to offer clubs and hotels and the 300,000 people employed by them a complete and unreserved apology.”


So whats he up to now? Helped give the balance of power to the worst Government this country has ever had. Did all this come out in his election campaign? Not at all. Decent people dont muck rake, people like Wilke do. He is one of the loonies running the country and has a say in things. Dear God, we are run by ratbags, liars, meglomaniacs, queers and dykes.

Just think of the scenario if this clown was Prime Minister. Too horrible to contemplate. Then again, we live in a free society, so who voted for him? Please declare yourself.

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