Islamic Child Discipline

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If there is something that will make your gut want to throw up its the bad treatment of kids and animals. Islamic ‘s tend to excel at both. We have seen lots of images and videos online about the way they treat animals but take a look at how this kid is treated. If you had any sympathy for them before you wont have now. The mother is oblivious to it all.

Take a look.

To make matters worse the bloody snowflakes insist we “consider their feelings” and welcome Islamics and Africans with open arms thinking these mongrels will contribute to society. Various political parties all over the world clearly being paid off by the UN and EEU demand we take them in. Oh sweet Jesus, I simply want to kill this prick and the mother. There is plenty of evidence to show these women are as big a disgrace as the men.

Thats the other side of the equation. People take sympathy on the females for a variety of reasons none of which are valid. They are as much of the problem as are the men.

On Islamics
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