Islamic woman arrested for having sex with a goat.

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She certainly got her 15 minutes of fame. Nouri Hazida 45 of Paris France was arrested at her home August second at 11.24 pm. Neighbors began to get concerned Saturday night when they heard Nouri yelling in what they thought was pain.

Nouri Hazida
Nouri Hazida

Two Neighbors of Nouri Hazida called police to report a domestic disturbance in their apartment building.

When officers arrived they also heard the loud screams coming from Nouri’s apartment.
After ten minutes of knocking officers thought that Naouri was being attacked and they decided to kick down her front door.
As soon as officers kicked down the door they say Nouri Hazida in what is described as the doggy style position. She was being penetrated by a large goat and its penis was stuck inside of her anus.The police have never seen anything like this before and did not know what to do so they called animal control.

Animal control used a tazer on the goats genitals which also shocked Nouri Hazida.
Police called for medical attention and Miss Hazida was taken to a local medical facility for treatment.After she was treated she was arrested and charged with Animal cruelty.
The police asked her why she had sex with the goat she replied “I did it for Iblis he is my lord and he often takes the form of a goat and i wanted his seed deep inside of me”


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