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Judge Rodney Madgwick appears to have something of an interesting history. From the outset I wont say he is a bad Judge, he has his own ideas on what it takes to look after the interests of Australia. I have mine on that regard and am just as influential in many way. The one thing is that I hold more credibility in the eyes of the Australian people than he ever will. His biggest controversy is the Julia Gillard/Bruce Wilson AWU fraud scandal. It is covered well enough in the following link in the Kangaroo Court of Australia website. Rodney actually stood for parliament as a Labor candidate – now that should clear some things up. He is also retired. Rodney has done some great work getting stuck into pedophiles.

I feel honored that the system was in so much trouble they had to get this man out to try and defeat me. He couldn’t – although he wanted to which was obvious to me.

I had the pleasure of coming across him not so long ago. It revolved around a matter already on this website That being NSW Highway Patrol. I totally trashed these lot and proved beyond any doubt these cops tried to set me up and kill me. Yes Kill me. The Link on Police Road Spikes explains it all.

judge rodney madgwicLets get a bit more background to this – Magistrate Maiden in the Gosford local Court found against me however Mr Maiden was not in any way malicious in fact a very decent person. I even said this directly to him – you can read about it on the Road Spikes page so no I am very straight and call it for what it is and dont have it in for everyone. Come the appeal to the District Court and the in car videos did not turn up. The DPP stated they asked for the videos some days earlier and phoned the Highway Patrol that morning to try and get them but the excuse was there was no-one spare. Come on, they have all these cops in cars out there and could not get the videos to Court. I knew there was something cooking right there. The next week they did turn up, along with Judge Rodney Madgwick. Now Rodney’s decision was very favorable to me, on that nobody had any choice. I did such a complete and total demolition job on the Highway Patrol.

Rodney decided in my favor that these cops were way out of line. So whats my beef here then. While I appreciate the fact he did decide in my favor he made a total mess of it by ignoring the one point I went in on. The fact that the behavior of the Highway Patrol was willful and malicious with malice and aforethought. That cop, Snr Const Brendan Gregory knew exactly what he was doing knowing very well that I could not hear a siren and I proved that he was trained on it. A simple law of physics called the inverse square law. End of story.

So what really happened, just join the dots. A seriously big cover up. We cannot let anyone “prove” the Police behaved like that. Bad luck Mr Madgwick, I most certainly proved it beyond doubt. Guess what, he is called in whenever a cover up is needed. And you in collusion with Police tried to “ignore” it. Wont happen pal.

Update on all this: 1st March 2019

In spite of his throwing out the charge of refuse/fail to stop the public record showed I was convicted of this. Yes the documents that went down to the Registry showed exactly that. This went against my driving record (unknown to me). That’s why I was handed a bond so it wouldn’t alert me with trying to collect a fine. The other purpose it served was so that when his Police masters looked they could see a conviction. It was only when I got the transcripts did the truth emerge. He most certainly did throw out the refuse/fail to stop. And yes he knowingly signed off on a false document as well.This is a matter of record in the Gosford Court Registry. I always wondered why he appeared nice to me – all smoke and mirrors but his attitude showed in other ways. Very two faced about his nice towards me attitude, it was obvious he didn’t like finding in my favor.You Rodney Madgwick are as corrupt as they come and the public displeasure over the Gillard/Willis scandal is well deserved. I am coming after you for this.

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Work it out Judge Rodney Madgwick – you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

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