Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech

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Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech

This is one of the most disgraceful examples of political slander that could have ever existed.

The e world applauds it? I dont think so. Very few who know that all this Welsh Witch and her handbag hit squad ever do is make outrageous accusations under parliamentary privelige to slander a person when there is no basis of fact. Who is it that holds the top three jobs in Australia? An unmarried and barren Gillard, a lesbian (Penny Wong) and a very dubious Nichola Robson. Two of those were born overseas and not real Australians.

Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech it appears has gone viral.

Below is from ninemsn news:

Julia Gillard’s now famous misogyny speech in parliament last month is still creating waves abroad, with the prime minister congratulated by other world leaders during an international summit.

Julia Gillard's now famous misogyny speech
Julia Gillard’s now famous misogyny speech

Ms Gillard says French President Francois Hollande and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, among other leaders, approached her at the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Laos to commend the speech, in which she branded Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a misogynist.

The prime minister’s fiery 15-minute address to the Australian parliament early last month went viral worldwide, making news headlines and dominating social media.

“The president of France congratulated me on the speech, as did the prime minister of Denmark, and some other leaders, just casually as I’ve moved around, have also mentioned it to me,” Ms Gillard told ABC radio on Wednesday.

Video of Ms Gillard’s outburst was watched more than 300,000 times on YouTube in just one day, and it made headlines in the US, India, Canada, UK and South Africa.

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