Lied To Wholesale

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There is no issue about it at all. It is the worlds greatest scam ever, bigger than global warming, climate change the lot. Every Government in the world is up to their necks in it regardless of who you think they are. The corona virus has been around for a long time, the earliest written record is 1889. There is no reason to doubt its existence for a lot longer than that. 1889 was before the South African Boer war. So why is it happening? Simple, to bring down China.

corona virus fact

This being a fact the rest is as stated:

  • The corona virus did not come from Wuhan – it already existed
  • It cannot cross contaminate from animals to humans
  • It was NOT laboratory made
  • It did not start with Chinese eating bats monkeys or other animals
  • The CIA or US Military did not plant it on the Chinese just to load them up
  • It is impossible to have travelled the entire world in a few days
  • It actually takes almost 2 full days to fly around the world
  • Corona virus means the common cold, it is in every medical dictionary
  • You may already have had it – so might your parents or grandparents
  • Deaths all causes in Australia, Britain and USA for the first 3 months of this year is unchanged from previous 2 years – research it
  • It isn’t a population control program at all, it is to destroy China only

This is only a warm up to what is coming, a test run if you wish. And the idiots out there who fell for it.


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