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Remember, this one knifed Tony Abbot. Return the favor.

This piece of filth, Lucy Wicks Liberal for Robertson lied through her teeth and capably assisted by that highly corrupt other piece of trash Bronwyn Bishop. I went to a rather totally uninteresting meeting at the Central Coast Leagues Club. Her mentor is Bronwyn Bishop whose performance there was far from satisfactory. In fact the whole show was abysmal. I am no fan of Labor but as far as bad taste went the Lucy Wicks circus went backwards.

lucy-wicksMy view of Lucy Wicks from the outset was she is a total Bimbo. This was without research, and as I researched things got worse then I went back and rewrote many things.. For a start, there was a lovely flier in the mail and it invited us to a wonderful tea and bikkies morning at the CCLC and hear Lucy talk about retirees and older people. Th Central Coast Leagues is a wonderful club, and I will never say otherwise. The whole thing was to be there at 10:00 am for a 10:30 start. Oh yes – please register beforehand by emailing blah blah. Did that and the reply was hmm, shall we say, off to a wonderful start. This was the reply:

Thank you for your RSVP to the Afternoon Tea with Hon. Bronwyn Bishop this Wednesday, 27th March. Lucy is very much looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards,

Julian Harniman
Campaign Manager
Lucy Wicks Campaign
The Federal Liberal Candidate for Robertson

The afternoon? 10:am is morning you dill brain. These pack of dumb bastards area as bad as Labor ever was. After what I witnessed I would have been better off turning up in the afternoon.

The Express Advocate – 18 Dec 12 @ 03:27pm by Denice Barnes:

Georgia Quirk and Chloe Curtis are just 10, and already old hands at managing their type one diabetes conditions.Georgia was diagnosed aged six months old and Chloe at seven. The girls from Narara manage their conditions under the eagle eyes of their families, and their sugar and insulin levels are measured up to eight times a day.Georgia has an insulin pump which makes life a little bit easier while Chloe has four or five injections a day and gets a pump in January.

Their mothers Helen Quirk and Melissa Curtis say they both hope for a miracle and the discovery of a cure before any long-term side effects set in. “My biggest concern is about what happens later in her life, the side-effects like poor circulation and eyesight,” Mrs Quirk said. She is studying to be a diabetic educator at the University of Technology Sydney and knows more than most about the long-term harm diabetes can cause. The families welcomed news the Coalition has committed more than $35 million to help find a cure for diabetes type one. Liberal candidate for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, was pleased to tell the families, who are also personal friends, about the commitment. “A cure is getting closer, and some of this will fund some of those trials,” Mrs Wicks said.

“Diabetes has a huge impact on families. “I am really excited for Chloe and Georgia and the 20,000 children across Australia with type one diabetes. This is a really good step forward.” Mrs Wicks said a Coalition government would provide $7 million a year over five years to allow the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Clinical Research Network fund a significant number of patient trials.


More than 122,000 Australians have type one diabetes, including 20,000 children. More than 800,000 Australians suffer from both forms, bronwyn bishoptype one and type two. Type one is a life-long auto-immune disease that usually occurs inchildhood but can be diagnosed at any age.

Lucy Wicks was totally uninspiring and seemed like an impressionable kid that didn’t have a brain between her ears. The helpers there all seemed like young Liberals that were nice, but really, did nothing to add any degree of credibility at all. Dressed like they came off a refugee boat. Doesn’t some-one give them a dress code at all? As for Bronwyn, she was the main star and Lucy apart from telling us she worked in a factory in the Central Coast really had nothing to say. And it showed. Bronwyn did all the talking and Lucy shut up which is just as well I think.

Well whoopee duck Lucy. You have promised a cure. You are a fucking idiot of the highest order and without peer. The author of this article is a type 2 diabetic. There is no cure you absolute and total waste of a fuck. How dare you present yourself as a wonderful candidate to represent me when you live the life of a lie – and get that Bronwyn Bishop to help you. What you promised these people was a lie and really, deserve hanging.

Now lets look at the whole “Captains Pick” thing. Gillard got slammed over Nova in the NT. Lets look how Lucy Wicks got in shall we.

NSW State Executive of the Liberal Party have endorsed Lucy Wicks as the Candidate for Robertson. No preselection was held and the executive of the Robertson Federal Electorate Conference was not notified, only told that this was under consideration today. Nominations for Robertson have been open for 5 months, Lucy Wicks being a member of that State Executive that delayed nominations.

The seat is held by Labor’s Deborah O’Neill (replacing Belinda Neal who is probably the first MP dumped for being rude to a waiter) and is one of those NSW seats regarded as having been a gimme win turned into a needless loss by NSW Liberal disorganization at the 2010 election.

Its all adding up when you look at what is going on. Lucy wicks is way out of her depth, got picked and put in the place because she was too dumb to argue, has to get one of the most corrupt politicians in the Liberal Party in the form of Bronwyn Bishop to do her speaking for her. They want to pick a fight with me – let them go for it, I know they wont.

This Is What The Liberals Had To Say:

Asa Central Coast Liberal and a past preselector I was shocked with this announcement. This person is an unknown to the local voters, the State Executive do not seem to be aware how parochial we are and the hard campaigner that the Labor incumbent is.We were successful with the candidates that we selected at the last State election why the sudden loss of faith in our judgement?

Posted by Stewart Ball | April 22, 2012, 17:52

I been a Liberal Member of one of the Branches in the Central Coast for a long time. I don’t like the Democratic process sidelined. You Screwed up LIBERAL PARTY Fascists! You’re just like LABOR now. I think I might join Bob Katter’s Party and request his representation in NSW. A real bad day for Democracy when that woman Lucy Wicks was endorsed.

Posted by Dave Disillusioned | April 22, 2012, 19:59

At least Dobell had a pre-selection and the fact that the Candidate was not altogether truthful about his living arrangements was his downfall or undoing if you like. I know that Karen McNamara will make an excellent Candidate. Robertson was denied a fair pre-selection because they knew that Darren Jameson would have won. Lucy Wicks lives in Warringah, Tony Abbott’s electorate…hmm. Wicks nominated on Thursday and was rushed through NRC. Then the vote went to State Executive on Friday. The problem is that our leadership has shown no integrity in this issue. To fix the problem in Dobell, a problem of their own making, they take away the democratic rights of Robertson branch members. We will not stand for these tactics, there are 10 branches in Robertson – 10 branches with hundreds of unpaid foot soldiers who will walk away, let Head Office pay for the lot come the Election. Deb O’Neill will eat Lucy Wicks for breakfast, she’ll be sitting back just loving this.

Posted by BACK ROOM DEALS | April 24, 2012, 10:10

Lucy Wicks is not even known to liberal branch members in the seat of Robertson, she doesn’t even live there. If Lucy Wicks is such a good candidate why didnt she put her hand up for a preselection?Wicks needs to call for a democratic preselection for Robertson before the Labor party bring out their troops in anticipation that Robertson will be one of the
Posted by WICKS DELIVERS ROBERTSON TO ONEIL | April 25, 2012, 13:41

This whole thing is a damning indictment of the Liberals as they get. To make matters worse, this idiot Lucy Wicks Liberal – Robertson spent so much time telling us how much of a local product she is. Oh – she forgot to tell us she was pre-selected and appointed while living in Tony Abbot’s Electorate. Oh come on. Gillard looks real good now.


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