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If you can see the pattern here you are smarter than most journalists and politicians in Australia. Every one of them a radical left winger and the likes of Turnbull and Shorten lap it up. It really does show up the level of intelligence we have as captains of industry in this country. The level of sheer stupidity of the morons who actually follow this ideology is simply mind numbing. A quick look at history will show that exactly this is what caused every great civilization to fall. We will follow and very quickly. The results of this are never good at all. These words however, are wasted.

Tuesday night seven protesters were arrested after attacking attendees at the Milo Yianopolous Sydney event.

debbie brennanThere is no city or town in Australia where leftists (no matter how extreme) have to fear violence and intimidation like this. This is all one way traffic. In every major city in Australia, if conservatives or right wingers attempt to hold a meeting there is always the risk that the same thugs will show up, screaming the same screams and waving the same flags. In Melbourne it’s almost a certainty.

Let’s be clear, this is not peaceful protest we are talking about, this is using threats and intimidation to shut down events by bullying both venues and attendees.

Who are these people? What makes them think they have the right to shut down any opinion they dislike?

As already pointed out, in Adelaide the protests against the Milo event were organised by Socialist Alternative and the Anarchist IWW. In Perth they were organised by “United Against Racism And Bigotry”, a Socialist Alternative front group.Are you starting to see a pattern? If so, you’re smarter than almost every journalist in Australia.In Melbourne the organisers of the worst violence so far were the “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism”, a group led by Freedom Socialist Party nutcase Debbie Brennan, Socialist Alternative organiser Chris Di Pasquale, Socialist Alternative organiser Vashti Kenway, Socialist Alternative organiser and Safe Schools architect Roz Ward, Socialist Alternative member Sadia Llona as well as the hilariously insane mediocre musician and Socialist Alternative member Ezekiel Ox [real name Alan Davies].

In Sydney Tuesday night, the rally attracted a slightly more diverse cast of characters. Visible in the crowd dr nick unswwere Mark Goudkamp of Ian Rintoul’s Marxist group “Solidarity”. If you’ve been reading XYZ you know “Solidarity” has well known links to the Anarcho-Communist “Left renewal” faction of the Greens, who were also represented in the personages of Mason Wang and Tamara Ryan.

But Socialist Alternative dominated here, again waving their red flags frantically like that wall in Berlin is still standing. The video of attendees being attacked above was gloatingly uploaded by Jason Heffernan, a Socialist Alternative associate. SAlt leadership was also on hand in the form of Omar Hassan, April Holcombe and Diane Fieldes, while other SAlt members such as Gavin Walker, Liv Claire and Isabelle Liddy made up the numbers with a significant contingent from the Socialist Alternative aligned Socialist club at the University of Wollongong.

Ian Rintoul
Ian Rintoul

A university contingent is only to be expected, after all the bespectacled face and creepy comb-over of Professor Nick Riemer of the University Of Sydney Department Of English was also a part of the violent mob. You might remember Dr Nick as one of the leaders of a protest against Israel where five dollar notes were rubbed in the faces of Jews, or maybe you just read some of his many articles at Green Left Weekly or on the website of Ian Rintoul’s Solidarity, or saw him being quoted by the ABC as a “spokesman” for the Refugee Action Coalition, or perhaps you read here at XYZ how he attended a conference in Sydney of some of the most extreme nutbags in Australia. He’s a bit of a non-denominational Marxist scumbag (paid by your taxes to teach your children of course).

I could go on and on but to sum up, the people attacking attendees and police at Milo events are Marxists. The thugs trying to decide who gets to speak in Australia and who doesn’t are almost 100%, straight up, honest-to-goodness Communists waving red flags and screaming about revolution.

This information is freely available, it’s almost laughably easy to find out who these people are, and most of them don’t even bother to hide.

So why haven’t you heard about it? Why weren’t the media headlines about a mob of Communists attacking both police and people peacefully trying to attend meetings? After all that’s exactly what happened.

These people are not “anti-fascists” or “anti-racists”. They are the most radical political extremists in Australia today. They openly promote violence against their political opponents and the police as well as the violent overthrow of the government, and the institution of a totalitarian state.

Yet the media and authorities seems not to notice. The Victoria police assistant commissioner said he understood the point of view of the “protesters” attacking his officers with fireworks, rocks and uprooted street signs. Neil Mitchell on 3AW conducted a bizarre interview with Ezekiel Ox where he never even mentioned the man’s long list of extremist affiliations.

You need to do something about this. Yes, you reading this article.

You need to scream, you need to shout, you need to yell about these thugs from the rooftops. You need to call talkback radio and ask why not even they identify the groups these people come from, you need to fill the comment sections online of the newspapers that still allow them, you need to flood the Facebook pages of media outlets and the twitter feeds of journalists when they refuse to name just who these violent extremists are.

And most of all you need to get organised. There are so many more of us than them, it only doesn’t seem that way because every day and every night these red flag waving fanatics are organising, recruiting and making plans. If only a fraction of patriotic Australians did the same, if only a day came where we stood united against these traitorous un-Australian scum, we could drown them out forever.

If you are not organising at your local level, if you’re not getting in touch with like-minded people near you, if you’re not doing your best to make sure that when the next Reclaim Australia style awakening occurs, our side has the organisation to drown out those opposed to us, then you are part of the problem not the solution.

The Communists have survived the complete historical bankruptcy of their ideology simply by being more disciplined and organised than anyone else. If we want our country to survive them, if we want right-of-centre people to ever be able to hold a meeting without fear of attack, if we want to begin rolling the Overton Window back towards the sunlight of sanity we will have to do likewise.

This is our country, not theirs; it’s well past time they were reminded of that fact.



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