Mona Vale Police

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This pack of hoons and thugs are at it again. The most rotten group of cops that NSW has bar none. Violent, lacking in any social skills and they wonder why the community turns against them.

The scene is Avalon – somewhere on the Australian coast as they say. Peaceful middle class suburbia with people who by and large enjoy a lifestyle of their own making, mind their own business and do their own thing.

This is what the Area Commander had to say to justify the disgrace and hold the community responsible:

Northern Beaches Detective Inspector Craig Wonders said: “Members of the public, I’m informed, attempted to prevent police from doing their job.”

And exactly what was that Craig – beating the crap out of pregnant women?

This is as reported on ninemsn:

A pregnant woman claims she was pepper-sprayed by riot police who stormed a charity event on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The fundraising event, which was held to raise money for a cancer sufferer at Avalon Beach RSL on Saturday evening, descended into chaos when police arrived to arrest a man for drug possession.

Miranda Minter, who is eight-months-pregnant, told Nine News she became affected by the pepper spray after it got in her nose and throat.

“The police brutality was like nothing I have never ever witnessed before,” Ms Minter said.

Video of the chaos shows Ms Minter’s fiance Pat Sullivan pleading with police outside the RSL, saying “my girlfriend’s eight months pregnant, I’m trying to get back inside to see if she’s ok.”

A voice can be heard replying: “Well she shouldn’t be here she should be at home.”

Mr Sullivan said it seemed as if the police had come looking for a fight.

All this for the arrest of someone for drug possession? I dont think so at all. I think Mr Sullivan was right, anyone who has had anything to do with that part of Sydney knows exactly what they are all about. Mr Wonders, you are a bloody disgrace. Oh yes, go have an enquiry now. The outcome is obvious to me.

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