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The NSW Highway Patrol are without a doubt the most corrupt of any Police force in the world. A GD friend of mine advises that they are known internally as the gestapo. Another told me that very few volunteer for the Highway Patrol, most are sent there and the next stop for them is out the door. They know that and it explains their bad attitude. Not all are rotten, some are quite decent though these are few and far between. The Lindt Cafe siege (click here) was what destroyed the Police.

It was a highly eventful day for me today. Yep it involved the Highway Patrol again. Had some clever types say the followed me from Gosford to the Hawkesbury river bridge. They claimed they were “in pursuit”of me. Sorry, I was within the speed limit all the way. What they were really doing was tailing me to see what traffic laws I would break. They claimed I was exceeding the speed limit in Gosford and they have it on camera. Well great, they have a heap of others in the same film all doing the same speed. Sorry you lot, you don’t have a case.

road spike

This is what was pulled out of my tyre. A part of a road spike.

Now the trip from Gosford to the Hawkesbury bridge is about 20 minutes. Yes I did see them and at all times about 100 yards behind me. They claimed they had their sirens on, well, I didnt hear it. Yes I did stop eventually. they threw out road spikes. Yep you read it right. Now what in the hell did they do that for? There were a heap of other ways to get my attention. Like come up beside me or nearer to behind me. Yes I did stop and things got worse.

I got out of my car and demanded to know what the hell they thought they were doing. I was instantly handcuffed. Their excuse was they had to make certain I wasn’t a psycho and armed ready to kill them. I got out of the car unarmed you fools. Now what did I do or say that would warrant that disgraceful line of action. The female of the species there started throwing her weight around demanding I sit down and I simply refused. She turned out to be a real head case. While all these cops were tring to decide what they could sting me for (quite laughable really) I was talking to one who was quite decent. He was trying to bail me out.n He asked if I was on any medications etc. I replied only for diabetes. He wanted to know if I had any spells of any kind and what my last reading was. He also enquired if I had any psychological issues and of course none.

I did say that a psychiatrist once decided I was paranoid and delusional about Police corruption. Two years later the Police Enquiry went and proved it all for me, was a Police Prosecutor called Paul Dunkley. It gets worse, Supreme Court Judges including the then Chief Justice Sir Laurence Street was involved in a massive cover up. Politicians as well. The State has a lot to worry about with me. Street by the way was the one who covered up for that pedophile Judge David Yeldham who committed suicide as soon as his name went public. There was someone else in Wollongong who was named as well, he was murdered within a few days. So much for not naming people as being “in the public interest”. Best interests are to publicly name them.

They were arguing amongst themselves as to how the best option was to change my tyre. I simply said reverse back into the phone bay (#462) and it can be changed there. That female of the species started carrying on again about no they need to get a tow truck and take the car to Berowra. Meanwhile I was simply wandering around (still handcuffed – all quite amusing really) and they were yelling at me to get back to the guard rail. None of them had on fluro vests and I am very experienced with traffic. One of them even suggested that I might run out into traffic. I laughed at their stupidity.
Finally they decided my idea was the best. Whooppee duck. This is the sort of intelligence we deal with and have to suffer through with the Highway Patrol. Basically none at all apart from that one decent cop who knew how to behave and had manners. One of them decided to move the car back 50 metres. He drove like a bloody maniac and ended up destroying the tyre. I yelled at him a few times “Slow down you fucking fool” and some of the others were quite offended by my language.

The reason became obvious later as to why this one guy wanted to get at my car. I had a money bag on the passengers seat. $120 went missing.

About now one of the real smart arses in the group, Skinner from the Pennant Hills highway patrol came up to me and started giving me lip calling me a Muppet. I was still handcuffed. He laughed and said “OK Kermit”. I thought then son you are in trouble. Even cops cannot be abusive like him.

I was released from the handcuffs and then I called out “mate come here”. He looked perplexed as to why and I took out my phone and took his photo. He and others thought it was funny. He didnt know why I was doing this. There are 2 reasons. I will make him famous around the world and I wanted evidence to slug the Police for a million dollar compensation claim for his abuse.

I got a new tyre in Berowra – so the fun begins. You dont mess with someone who has the CERT IV in OH&S. I know the rules backwards. Skinner and every person above him including the Police Commissioner is held liable under law. See how funny they think it all is now.

Bingo – got the cops to react the way I wanted them too. They know little of counter espionage and false trails. Knowing very well there are a lot of undercover Police spies on places like Facebook (they are easy to pick) spreading false information is easy. They take it for gospel. They simply do not have the background and training in counter espionage to know when they are being set up. Yep. they “found” this webpage, they were supposed to.(10th January 2018) Its called the “Machiavelli principle” and is the most insidious of all ways to fight. Police use it – so do I. The trick to this is knowing where the truth is buried.


This is Skinner from the Pennant Hills Highway Patrol who called me a Muppet. He even was decent enough to smile for the camera.

As for this poll I have had another on this site where they came out of it very badly. You can see it here.


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