Christopher Pyne

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This queer Christopher Pyne is everything I detest about the gay community, no morals scruples, any sense of decency, no loyalties zero moral compass in any way shape or form. This is the sort of clown who would welcome the lowering of the age of consent to 8 or something like that. He is from South Australia where we seem to have an over supply of idiot politicians. Turnbull and Bishop have been totally trashed and the Liberals will be slaughtered next election for total certainty. If you wonder why the Liberal Party is going down the gurgler dont blame Turnbull totally.

Corey Bernadi stated:

Cory Bernardi has launched an astonishing attack on Liberal frontbencher Chris Pyne, calling him a “cancerous growth”.
Speaking on Sky News on Wednesday, Bernardi said of Pyne:
“He has been the most destructive, cancerous growth within the Liberal party. He is solely responsible for the lack of success in South Australia because he doesn’t care about policy, he doesn’t care about principle, he only cares about power. He will destroy the well being of the body in order to cement him or one of his little gang into a position of influence.
“You go through his track record in federal parliament he’s never demonstrated loyalty to anything. He’s never had a capacity to prosecute an argument or a policy… he is such a brutal player that people continue to keep him in the inner circle in the hope that he’ll be the crocodile that eats them last.
“He is terrible. I’ve know him seen he was seven — he was a dreadful bloke when he was seven and I’m telling you he’s getting worse.”


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