One Nation Huge Back flip

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one nationSo – you think One Nation is the party to get things sorted do you? Well think again, they are rolling over and back flipping on lots of things. The latest is a report about gun laws. Its actually total back flipping . If you apply this to all One Nation policies then we simply have another Liberal party. Oh I wouldn’t place much faith in Shooters and Fishers Party either.

This is extracted from

“Therefore, her advocacy of virtually unregulated gun laws is made from a position of unique privilege.”.


” such as self-loading rifles, pump-action shotguns and military style weapons – be put back on the market with minimum control (One Nation)”.

Now, the latest report from

“Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has struck a blanket preference deal with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in Western Australia, killing-off any lingering hope the major parties might have held for securing the No 2 spot on all One Nation tickets at the March 11 state election.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers aims to field a record 35 candidates next month — 19 in the lower house and 16 in the upper house — and has clinched a deal with the resurgent One Nation to put Shooters candidates ahead of any other parties in seats they both are ­contesting.

A One Nation spokesman said the party would likely finalise its position on all preferences within the next week or so.

The party has repeatedly stressed that its preference ­arrangements with major parties will be decided on a seat-by-seat basis.

But the spokesman said Ms Hanson had already struck a deal with the Shooters to preference them ahead of any other parties.

The Shooters party will be No 2 on all One Nation tickets, except a few seats where an independent is preferred.

“They are closely aligned with the policies of One Nation in the agricultural sector and in number of other areas,” the One Nation spokesman said.

“I would imagine that any deal on preferences with any other party will be done in the next week or so.’’

The Australian has been told that a factor in One Nation’s decision to align itself with the Shooters in Western Australia is party leader Rick Mazza’s support for Australian gun laws, as they stand. One Nation’s West Australian leader, Colin Tincknell, and Mr Mazza have met and agreed that John Howard’s 1996 gun ­reforms were correct and should stand.

One Nation insiders have dismissed speculation that their party, which attracted 13 per cent of the primary support in a Newspoll taken exclusively for The Australian last week, could look to form a government in coalition with Colin Barnett’s Liberal National alliance.

“We are hopeful of doing well, but I just don’t think we will have the clout (in the number of seats) to be talking about that,’’ a One Nation insider said. “I don’t think Barnett will want us to sit on the government benches, and sometimes it is better to sit on the crossbenches.’’

So there you have it, you think you are getting another Trump or savior forget it. All you are getting is another Liberal Party’.

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