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It appears the leftie media was about to take a hit at Peter Rogers. Fact is we were happy to take a stand, appears One Nation don’t have the internal fortitude for it.

One Nation is imploding fast, Just as Andrew Bolt said a while ago.

This is written by the person who built Peter Rogers website and no-one else.
There was a lot of pressure put on me and Peter to pull down his website.
This hasn’t happened, all I have done is put a redirect on it to this web page until Peter and I decide our options.

The background to all this is very simple.
One nation knew of the existence of this site many months ago and offered no objection.
Pauline Hanson looked at the site only 24 hours previous to this page being written, as far as I am aware the only comment made was to be careful. This was in a telephone conversation with Peter and at no time did Pauline say shut down the website.

24 hours later I had Ryan Sykes (we still have no idea who he is) email me telling me to pull the site down as it was unauthorised. My reply is that it was authorized by Peter and to see him about it. No, that didn’t keep him happy at all. A few more emails on the same subject which I ignored. Even got a Facebook message from Damien Huxam asking me to pull it down. Seems every man and his dog has a say in this. Ryan even demanded that One Nation be given access to the site. Fat chance of that mate, its WordPress and it is a very tough one to know your way around. On top of that he must be living in la la land to think I would allow any access to my server.

Oy yes here it is:
Ryan Sykes
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Head Office
Administration Assistant / Social Media Manager

Exactly what are his qualifications on all this?

A week or so earlier Ryan asked for my resume which is quite impressive, he simply replied thanks. A couple of days later i sent an email asking if all was OK, a reply was never received.

Today all hell broke loose, peter was being threatened with being sacked if I didn’t comply. Oh dear, this in now number 5 in the last month.

At no stage has One nation ever shown any backbone and will always capitulate to the lefties. Thats a fact. If Ryan is so crash hot with social media he will be aware that the Party has lost a hell of a lot of votes and to be perfectly honest, I think they will struggle to win even a few seats.

I am of the opinion they thing they are wonderful and people really love them. The truth is quite the opposite, people hate the others more so, that’s all it comes down to.

OK – they have nailed 5 people now, so who is putting their hand up to be next I wonder. It is my opinion there is a rat in the system deliberately causing all this grief.

Oh yes, as for the so called administration.
Myself and a lot of others are waiting for their membership applications to be processed.
That’s from about 5 months ago. And the T shirt I ordered, same, not received.
So much has been said on social media over this very point.
They are losing support fast

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