Parramatta Bomb Hostage Siege

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Parramatta bomb hostage siege – the claytons siege. The siege that never was. Simply another in the long list of NSW Police acts of gross stupidity

Parramatta bomb hostage siege -The story goes something like this…

On Tuesday September 6th 2011 A man holed up in a Lawyers chambers in George St Parramatta in Sydney with his 12 year old Daughter.

Somehow or another, and as matters are understood, he claimed he had a bomb on him. So far fair enough.

As the day progressed more info became available. It appears he tried to see a politician the day before, got himself arrested and was released a while later. Not a problem there so far.

It turns out he is of Aborigional descent from Orange. It appears there is some Family Court matter in issue. – how did we guess that.

The family of the man told Police they wanted to talk to him and this was at 2pm and if they did the matter would have all been over by 3pm. No, Police decided against that. They wanted to show how tough they were.

To make matters worse, the Police decided it was a hostage situation.

From there-on Parramatta bomb hostage siege gets quite incredible.

He now faces charges of detaining a person with intent to obtain advantage, giving false information to police, remaining in a building with intent to commit an indictable offence, common assault and three counts of damaging property.

Police alleged the man poses a “significant risk” to the community and that the alleged incident was a “well-orchestrated plan”.

He allegedly made three demands during the siege, including access to a barrister, Brian Hancock, and that legal action be taken against a man named Matthew Turner.

The man has also been charged with assaulting a woman during the alleged incident, breaking a window in the office and breaking two vases.

Police allege the man has a lengthy criminal history, including firearms offences, breaching bail and failing to appear in court.

“Investigators fear that due to the strong prosecution case, there is a strong and real likelihood he will receive a lengthy custodial sentence,” the police facts tendered to the court stated.

Some things are valid in their case of that it is not doubted. As far as their handling of matters go, totally abysmal to the point of putting lives at risk. Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford made a complete mess of that. I was bonking his ex wife for a while some years ago so I know exactly what an idiot he is. As far as the Police case goes overall? They probably created all the problems in the first place. There is more to this than is apparent.

Police Claims:

The girl was rescued…

He now faces charges of detaining a person with intent to obtain advantage.

He had a Bomb

The Girls Story:

“He didn’t keep me hostage, I wanted to stay,” the 12-year-old told Seven News.

“He told me that I could go but I really wanted to stay with dad … because I was scared that he would have got hurt.”

There is no bomb, as we have shown, the Police created it.

Other Facts:

The Police spent a bit of time hacking through the wall. If the suspect really had a bomb there would have been plenty of time to detonate it. Therefore, the Police knew he didnt have a bomb. So why hack through walls? Why not catch the lift or walk up the stairs like everyone else does? There is only one answer to that isnt there? Its as obvious as hell. It was a very public display of incompetence of the highest order led by the most incompetent of Police. It all beggars belief. So much for Parramatta bomb hostage siege

The Outcome:

The Police have a lot to answer for. Typical NSW police. Historical fact – the first Police in NSW was formed from 12 of the best behaved convicts, nothing has changed at all.

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