Pauline And The Burqa

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I know I bag the hell out of One Nation – as I do the rest of them, any of them step out of line I give them hell. The whole lot of them are a bunch of self serving shitheads with little to no actual interest in looking after the country. Every so often they actually do something worthy of praise as was the case of Malcolm Turnbull a few days ago. Today Pauline Hanson pulled a stunt, something that you would expect Nick Folkes from Party for Freedom to do.

Yes I bag the crap out of her but this website fully endorses this action. What is needed is mass action in all cities in Australia. Thousands of patriots doing the very same thing. In your face stuff

PAULINE Hanson has admitted the stunt she pulled, where she entered the Senate covered head to toe in a burqa, was “extreme”. But she’s unrepentant saying any anger it may have sparked was fine as it started a debate about face coverings.

Hanson has also suggested “these people” who wear burqas “should go to a country that suits their needs”.

The incident on Thursday is the latest round in Hanson’s battle against the burqa.

Hanson said she wasn’t challenged as to her identity. Although she has conceded security may have suspected the One Nation leader was beneath the face covering.

Gasps of “what on earth?” could be heard from the Senate as she sat down. Attorney-General George Brandis looked bemused by the spectacle and later berated Hanson for “mocking” law abiding Australian Muslims.

On Sydney radio station 2GB she said the burqa was “un-Australian”.

Talking to presenter Ben Fordham, she said, “Is it extreme? yes. Is it getting my point across? I hope so.”

Hanson said she entered the Senate without being checked.

“No security guards at any point in time asked to see my face,” she said.

“One of the attendants on the floor of parliament, he just gasped.

“He did not ask to see my face. Apparently they were told I was going to do it, they did not check if it was me.”

She said that in five years or more time, Australian women might be forced to wear the burqa. “This is a western country. If these people want to dress up, go to a country that suits your needs.”

Senator Hanson also claimed Greens Senator Peter Whish Wilson shook her hand in the corridor while she was wearing the burqa. He’d never greeted her or shaken her hand previously.

Senator Whish Wilson told BuzzFeed he did shake Hanson’s hand but said he had no idea who was under the material and was now “totally weirded out by it”.

He said the amount of security around Hanson led him to believe a Muslim woman, who was entitled to be in parliament, was being harrased so he wanted to support her.

An expert on Islam has said Hansons’s remarks could incite hatred towards women.

Director of the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society at Australian Catholic University, Dr Joshua Roose, said, “knowing that Muslim women are likely to be targeted in verbal and physical attacks due to their more recognisable appearance, Senator Hanson’s stunt is likely to directly and indirectly increase the risk of violence towards Muslim communities.”


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