Police Murdering Their Own

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Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, were shot and killed at a Queensland property. Pictures: Facebook
I just came across the following regarding that police shooting:
I didn’t write this, I am just sharing…
“Every single Australian Police force is corrupt. They are killers. The two rookie Queensland cops were sacrifices by corrupt senior police. Nathaniel Train was a pedophile ring buster and he was treated as the criminal. Make no mistake, he fled NSW after being told he’d been marked for a police execution to silence him. What happened at the Tara property was an act of self defense, as the Train’s video makes clear.
The two rookie cops were sacrifices to send in a SWAT team to murder the Trains, consistent with threats they’d received from police.
Every single Australian should now fear police murderers. Every single Australian police force needs a commission of inquiry to root out corrupt and criminal police. This is what we all should be calling for. Stop police criminality and corruption.
We do not want police investigating police and nor do we want politicians in charge, who benefit from crooked cops. We need clean non-Freemason judiciary to carry out a deep cleansing of the Australian police and judicial system. Parliaments and politicians can’t be trusted, as we’ve seen with the Wood protected twenty eight pedophiles.
In the wake of Covid mandates police brutality, Australians have lost faith in police, who are now political and criminal enforcers. To brand the Train’s pejoratively as anti-vaxxers, is dishonest and incitement. The Train’s were exposing pedophiles. Conversely, the police were protecting powerful and high level pedophiles. That’s the crux and essence of this matter. Do not be distracted by the misdirection of sovereign citizen, Antivaxxer and conspiracy theorists pejoratives.
This whole sorry saga, all leads back to the national cancer of the 28 pedophiles, from the Wood Royal Commission. High level pedophiles are being protected by the Australian parliament. Every single politician is complicit by their silence. This has to end. Release the 28 pedophile names now.
The law in Australia has been totally corrupted. The people have no confidence in their institutions. The 28 Wood names are proof of the corruption. The Train saga links back to pedophiles now being a protected class in Australia.
All Australian children are at risk. Parents should be alarmed, as was the respected school head, Nathaniel Train, when he uncovered a high profile and powerfully connected pedophile nest. The police are the culprits in this matter. The Train’s were acting in self defense. The two rookie cops were sacrificed by crooked police colleagues.
We must not let crooked cops, and their compliant media, direct the narrative that Australians need more surveillance and crackdowns. These are malicious threats on every Australian. The Australian democracy is in crisis. Freedoms are in crisis. The rule of law is in crisis. Those who are supposed to uphold the law can’t be trusted. That’s what the Train executions teach us.”
(Feel free to educate everyone Australian. Repost this dialogue)
This puts a new light on what was going on. Paedophilia is rampant in the “elite” in this country, and there have been many exposes on it. I knew there was a whole lot more to this story.

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